Zango Review – What Is All the Hype About With Zango?

Zango is a company that has been around for the last 7 years. They have grown into one of the worlds largest networking marketing companies around today. The company is primarily focused on its main product Commodity News Today of “Zango juice” this is a product that is said to help reduce cancer spreading cells, give you more energy, promote over all well being, and work in conjunction with their newest energy product.
The company itself does not spend much on advertising as they are more focused on recruiting distributors/small Zango business owners to do their selling, recruiting, and to really spread the word and fuel the company’s growth on a large scale. I will say that the company has seen immediate growth from the use of distributors and that is how they are able to afford to give a 50% commission to each sale made by their distributors.
The pay plan with Zango is very impressive to say the least. They are one of the only companies out there that actually pays their distributors 50% commission with nothing taken out for hidden costs, etc. Like so many other companies out there are doing and have done for the past few years. I have spent many days and months researching all the old and new companies out there and Zango is one of the few that is stable, growing at a proper rate, and seems to be set for massive growth in the next 2-5 years.
Now to the question of can you really make money with this company. In my opinion to be successful in Zango or any Guardian Comm network marketing company you need to have a few key factors in place before you decide to enter any company.
1. The right product(s)- without the right products in place you will have a tough time selling anything in any company.
2. The right training system: this is my second most important factor when it comes to joining a new company. There must be a solid training system in place that can guide you through everything you need to get set up.
3. Personal coaching and mentoring: this is actually my number 1, hands down, most important piece to the network marketing puzzle. Without having someone to show, guide, and teach you all the secrets it takes to actually be successful in this industry, you will be going into it blind. Most distributors in most companies just follow what their upline tells them to do and that is call your friends and family. I think this is great dont get me wrong, but what do you do after you have exhausted this market? “That is the one question I ran into when I started in this industry and the one question that brings many people like yourself to me on a daily basis.
To make money with Zango you need to first have the motivation to be successful. Going into a new business with the right mindset and focus will help get you started. More importantly you need to develop your core marketing skill sets and really become a master of what you are best at doing. ie: if you can really do face to face presentations then that is what you need to master before moving on to another marketing tactic. If you can develp websites to email to your prospects then that is what you need to focus on. These are just examples of different marketing strategies you can implement from the get go of your business. The point is you must constantly be learning and putting new marketing strategies into place to continue to grow your business.
I have put in hundreds of hours and have made the mistakes many others have made. When I first started I had no clue how to start a networking business and had no clue about the Zango opportunity. I learned through much trial and error and I am here to take you by the hand so you do not make the same mistakes as I have time and time again. I take newbie marketers and get them up to speed and make sure that no time or money is wasted on things that just wont get the job done. I have become an expert in the Zango opportunity and I pride myself on my ability to help others do the same. You can make a great living with the Xango opportunity but you must have the proper guidance or you will just be wasting precious time.
If you think you have what it takes to start your own Zango business with me then click the link in my resource box and watch the free marketing and training videos I have on my website. If you have no clue if this is right for you then still check out the videos to gain a better understanding of the industry as a whole. Its very confusing in the beginning but with time and a good work ethic anyone can make money in the Zango business opportunity, you just have to take the first step.

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