You Never Know Who is Watching, Listening Or Reading

What makes media relations so fascinating is the unexpected. It can result in totally surprising and unanticipated results. I always start a campaign with certain objectives in mind. I have a target market I want to reach and I have some defined objectives that I want to achieve. But, because of the powerful nature of the media, I have witnessed some amazing results that neither I nor my clients envisioned. I have seen companies and careers built in record time. I’ve had clients offered book deals, TV pilots, new Business Plan Wikipedia ventures, larger companies have offered buy-outs or mergers, and new avenues of financing have appeared. One client was offered complete financing on a new business venture after appearing on one talk show.
I’d love to say that I had intentionally masterminded it all, but I was as surprised as my clients when these offers and proposals came in. That’s what makes it so fascinating. You never know whose watching or listening, and you never know where that last story or interview will lead you.
Still, the unexpected is the gravy. The primary job of an effective PR campaign is to stay targeted. That task is not quite as easy in PR as it is in marketing or advertising. Public relations is a more subtle, more stealth form of marketing. No one can guarantee that you’re going to garner coverage on a certain date or on a specific show, or in a specific publication. But when you Efinancialcareers News do receive coverage, you are the news, not an ad or a commercial. That’s worth repeating – you are the news! You are part of the reason that hundreds, or thousands or millions of people are watching that program, or reading that magazine. No other form of marketing can offer you that kind of legitimacy or validation, which is what makes media relations such a remarkable tool.

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