Xocai Chocolate Marketing Ideas

Xocai is a network marketing company that can help anyone who wants to market companies produced ‘healthy chocolate’ earn an additional income. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at some Xocai chocolate marketing ideas.
Marketing Effectively:
Knowing the right approach is the key in network marketing. You have to have the right marketers mindset if you want to see success in this business. Educate yourself about marketing and the psychology of marketing, the psychology of inviting and the art of closing, and you will dramatically increase your sales.
It is very important that you are selling to people who you KNOW have already expressed an interest in your product. So you have to use proper, genuine and established marketing principles to reach genuinely interested prospects. Lead with benefits of your product, get THEM to ask for more information, give the answers and then ask for the payment.
So, what is the best way to get a hold of a list of these targeted prospects?
There are a number of sources you can access from which you can create your own list of prospects. Cold calling, alongside with internet generated leads, is just one of the processes of approaching prospective customers or clients.
Now, you might think that cold calling is awkward, its a waste of time, or that Small Investment Business In Villages people will take you for a telemarketer and will hate you for calling them.
However, lets just take a quick look how cold calling works:
Before you get into targeting leads and how to get them, its very important that you know who your prospect is. The questions you should be asking yourself – how old is this person? Has he got any pains, problems or desires that you can help him with? Has he ever shown interest in your type of product? Even if so – can he afford one, and pay for it over the phone?
So if you’re marketing Xocai, do you think a person who is between 35-60 years old, have purchased at least one health supplement or weight loss product in last 6 months, have an annual income of over $50K per year, and is a mail order buyer – would be a good targeted lead for you?
You bet! Tips For Smes
Why? Well, lets investigate. Age: most people at age of 35-60 are having some sort of health problems or issues. He surely must to like chocolate, but the fact that he also purchased a health supplement or weight loss product just confirms that this person cares about his health. Annual income of over $50K: he/she can afford it. A mail order buyer means that you can do business over the phone. And what if you also knew that this person enquired about home based business in last 6 months? Pretty good, right?
At what cost? For as little as $0.15 per name.
Sounding smooth, confident and friendly over the phone will help come across the problem of sounding as a telemarketer. And if you follow some basic principles and a few simple techniques, you CAN turn each of these conversations into a calls that the prospect wants to take, rather than a call he is trying to get rid of.
(one word of caution: do not use “opportunity leads”! Opportunity leads are not targeted enough, and they are too expensive!)
Generating your own leads on the Internet:
These are better targeted people who have actually contacted YOU about your product.
Fastest way to generate leads online is with what is called ‘pay-per-click’ advertising. PPC advertising is a very effective strategy to get laser-targeted leads and help you boost profits. However it can cost you a lot of money, if you do not know how to run a smooth and stable PPC campaign.
With the help of SEO (the most technical) and Web 2.0 (the least technical) you can get plenty of Free High-Targeted leads to grow your business. However, it takes time and some technical skills to learn before you start seeing the results.
In closing I can say that, above all, you absolutely must learn how to use telephone first before you do everything else. You simply can not build a huge network marketing business without learning how to use the phone effectively. Sure, without traffic your business will suffer and you can eventually go out of business. But even if you are generating leads online, you will still have to call them and tell more about your products, or business opportunity. And without right prospecting or closing skills you can get even the most excited fresh lead from the Internet turn his back on you.
Network marketing is a peoples business. So study people first, find out how you and your product can help them achieve their goals. Then learn and implement the necessary marketing strategies, and you’ll see a drastic improvement in your sales.

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