Words to the Wise Business Owner – Update

Looking to spice up your company web site? Graphics are nice, but what your customers (and future customers) want is fresh information. They want to see that your Tax Incentive Investment pays attention to all aspects of its image. And a web site designed three years ago with nary an update since sends the wrong message.
To create fresh content, you could update key personnel bios, add the occasional press release or add a “submit your comment here” section. But one of the surest ways to create interest (and repeat visits) to your site is with a business blog.
What makes a business blog a sure thing? Well, the content, of course. Make sure it is relevant to your industry – but it doesn’t have to simply plug your products and services. Think of it as space to mention your business, but also as a place to offer creative spins on how your customers can do better. Give them a reason to read it, and they will.
Make sure your business blog is in keeping with your business. If you run a funeral home, it’s probably not the place to tell jokes and talk about little league. But the story about the little league team who attended the funeral of one of their coaches in uniform and left a team-signed baseball in the casket is good blogging that will keep your readers coming back for more.
If you are the president of the funeral home association and the blog is focused on helping your colleagues, appropriate humor isn’t out of line. For instance, the local headstone purveyor has a sign out front that says, “Drive carefully, we can wait for your Wall Street Journal Art.” Funny, but with a message. Where you take the message after that attention-grabbing start is up to you.
The key to blogging is to engage your audience, to get them to hopefully to create an online business blog conversation that not only promotes your business, but makes it human. Think of it this way. If you’ve got a choice of doing business with three comparable companies, will you pick the one with the static marketing campaign or the one using every tool at its disposal to draw new business?

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