Why Should We Stock Monin Syrup?

The only reason to ask your self that question is if you have never tasted a drink sweetened with Monin Syrup. They are a healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners and much better for you than bleached white sugar. Plus they come in many diverse flavors that add a Business Today Logo zing to whatever beverage that you put them in. One flavor that is just catching on is the Agave. It is sweetened with the extract from the flowers of a cactus and there are quite a few brands of candy and soft drink that are working it into their product line up.
Many of the more successful restaurants and coffee houses make sure that their Syrup Distributor keeps them well stocked because of its growing popularity. Coffee house owners know how difficult it is to keep a menu that both delivers the regular items that everyone loves, along with the exotic drinks that people want to experiment with. Monin syrup allows you to infinitely expand your menu while giving the customer the tried and true flavors that they love. It can change the most mundane cup of coffee into a brand new experience.
If they come in to order their standard chai tea then they can get it but add blackberry flavored syrup to it and you have a whole new drink. It combines especially well with come of the higher quality teas so check with a Big Train Distributor in your area to check out the selection. If you run a restaurant with a bar you can see substantial savings by switching to Monin Syrup. You will no longer need to sweeten those margaritas with triple sec or some of the other expensive liqueurs because a little splash of their syrup can make a huge difference. The shelf life for the product is phenomenal so you don’t have to worry about running out when you need it most. According to the local distributor the standard syrups in the 50 ml bottles can be stored for up to 36 months unopened. The more acidic flavors like lemon and lime can only be stored for 24 months unopened. Let’s face it. You will never see one of these products go bad because they seldom go unused for 3 years! Once you open them it depends on the conditions that you are storing them in. Optimum conditions are between 65F and 70F.
I am sure that if you contact a Georgia Monin Syrup Supplier that you and your customers will be glad that you Basics Of Business Finance did. Many of the coffee suppliers in Georgia are also Monin syrup suppliers so there should be one near you.

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