Why Do Some People Appear to Be Secretive in Their Relationships?

There are times in a relationship when we may feel that our partner is being less than honest with us. This situation can become compounded if they demonstrate an apparent indifference to allaying our concerns. The result can be an almost pantomime-like exchange of accusations and denials, potentially funny if the situation wasn’t so distressing.
Let’s look at the reasons why some How Does Investing In A Business Work people may appear to be secretive:
– Being on the receiving end of repeated questioning and inquisitions can be tiresome. If a person feels that their relationship has become overbearing, that every action, thought and movement has to be accounted for, they may start to withdraw. Whether their perception be the truth matters not; it is how it feels to them. It is important that they verbalize the need for a little space. Feeling claustrophobic in a relationship can stifle other positive emotions and leave few options other than to walk away.
– Shame can make a person appear secretive. When a person is involved in a problem situation, whether it be of their own making or not, they may be unsure as to what to do next. Revealing what has happened may be too appalling to entertain; they may not have got their own head around events or decided what options are available to them. And admitting what has happened may only succeed in making it appear all the more real. A first step may be for them to ask for a little time, ask loved ones to be patient for a while.
– Fear of rejection can be an important factor in appearing secretive. Fearing the consequences of saying or doing something can come across as secretive or suspicious to one’s partner. Learning to trust that by being open, honest and real they will receive a positive response can take a little time. A relationship can take time for both people to feel certain of each other, that it is a safe place in which to reveal personal, private and sometimes disappointing or unfortunate matters.
– Concern at provoking anger or a bad reaction can result in a person bottling things up. Confrontation is a fearsome proposition to many people. People of any age will often fight shy of dealing with a situation where there is the potential for a bad reaction. Even when they accept that anticipation is usually more nerve-wracking than revealing what has happened, or that delay often causes matters to become far worse, many people will still choose to avoid being the bearer of bad news for fear of the consequences.
– Feeling safe and secure in a relationship is an important factor in alleviating the need for secretive behaviour. Establishing a sense of togetherness, a strong team spirit helps people feel supported and able to share and resolve problems together. Discovering Bbc Radio News App that ‘our’ relationship is solid and secure removes the need to keep bad news to oneself. When there is a feeling of being in it together, that whatever happens we’ll deal with it, that mindset removes any requirement to protect oneself or keep bad news a secret.
Close relationships take time to nurture and develop. When people feel listened to, not judged, respected, they then become confident and better able to trust each other.

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