Why Are You Settling For Just 20% of What You Should Be Making?

Are you unintentionally limiting the amount of money you are making in your business every day? You are the one who invested your life, income, reputation, money, house in your business. Imagine telling your family every morning as you leave for work,”Bye everyone, I’m going in today to do 20% of the things I can be doing?”
The FACT is that if you are not learning… if you are not constantly implementing new strategies in your business, you are doing exactly that. Making just a fraction of the progress, money and success that you could be making.
In this video, I share with you a few ways you can make sure to maximize your bottom line.
This week, a friend of mine who happens also to be a business owner, came up to me and said, half-mockingly, “So I hear you are a consultant these days, Lou. Why don’t you help me make a million dollars? And I’ll give you a ten percent share.”
I said “sure, I work on a partnership basis with other companies too” and began a conversation with him. After only three minutes I showed him a few things that he could do to transform his $150,000-a-year business into a three million dollar business within three years.
“And, yes,” I said. “I would be willing to work on a partnership with you on this plan.”
Unfortunately, many business owners like him are faced with obstacles towards realizing this kind of success: Either they have no time to plan for the future; or if they do, they are not plugged in to the right ideas, techniques and systems out there. Or, more importantly, many of them are afraid to think big… afraid to act like a leader… and are afraid of change.
It’s a pity, because with the same time, effort and money it is possible for them to design a plan for their business to LEAP FORWARD ahead of the competition to make double, triple what they are making now.
The FACT is that you have it within your business NOW — even with your existing infrastructure, without any new investments — to increase your business substantially within ONE year.
When I begin a How To Learn Business Ideas consultation, I begin with three simple questions: What do you sell? Who’s your market? And how do you sell it?
Then I start looking at ways to expand the realities: What else can you sell them? Who else can you sell to? What other ways can you reach them? Who else sells to the same customer that you can work with?
Want customers flocking to your door? There are hundreds of things you can do, and tens of different ways of doing it, from advertising to sales, joint ventures to loss leaders, from referrals and more.
Believe me, within your Sock Markets RIGHT NOW there’s an undiscovered gold mine — you just need the right tools to get to the gold.
So many great and needy organizations are looking for new millionaires. Don’t you want to be one of them?
Let’s DO IT!

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