When the Media is in the House – Small Business Tips

If you have a small business that deals with the media, there is a lot to know about making sure your interactions with them are useful, instead of injurious, to you and your company. It can be tough to give interviews and even tougher to be the subject of a written articles, so be sure that you stay on the right side of the media throughout the interaction.
Here are some tips to help you Peta Credlin Brexit handle media attention:
* Always respect the media, whether it is television, print, or online media. Think of media representatives as your clients. Sell them your story just as you would sell any product.
* If you are presenting a press release or seeking media attention, do your homework. You should investigate the media outlet before contacting them-know what sort of material they present, what slant they give if any, and what type of news they actively pursue.
* Send press releases to your key reporters with photos and plenty of background information.
* If you are to be the subject of an interview, request a media kit. This will let you known the reader or viewer demographics.
Dealing with the media is easy and can go perfectly smoothly as long as you approach it with preparation and confidence. Practice makes perfect, and remember that the media is not out to get you, despite them being somewhat intimidating. Be calm, Peta Credlin Brexit honest, and clear in your responses to avoid confusion, and if you don’t understand a question know that asking for clarification is never a bad thing. It can help ensure that you answer correctly and give the media what they are looking for.

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