What To Wear To A Wedding

Your friend is getting married, and you got invited. This is her big day and not yours. So how do you shine with your style without stealing the limelight from her? Here are some nice tips and tricks for you to try out.
1. Know the theme and own it
Nothing irritates a bride more than a guest showing up, sticking out like a sore thumb, because he/she is not wearing the right clothes or style for the theme for the wedding. This is an indication that the guest definitely only thinks for his/herself and not the host. That’s definitely bad manners.
Sure. There are some weird wedding themes that may not look good on you, but this isA�their wedding and not yours. If you’re a real friend, you will do this sacrifice of just a few hours of your day!
The way to deal with this is to think of it as a trend. How would you incorporate this specific “trend” into your style?
Gothic theme and your style is girl-next-door? Wear your white cocktail dress and add on a lot of black accessories, shoe and a nice goth head accessory.
Carnival theme and you’re all about corporate wear? It’s all about the color and the fun. You don’t have to be the bearded lady, but you can channel the colorful theme into your wardrobe by pairing your well-structured black blazer and black pencil skirt, with a colorful necklace and a small clip-on mad-hatter’s hat.
Gossip girl theme and you’re a flower child?A�Pair your organic button down top with a black pencil skirt, black heels and pearl necklace. If you have a floral clamp/brooch, attach it to your pearl necklace. You can’t go wrong with that.
2. A�Know the place and get ready for it
Not only will this be for the bride, but it is for you as well! This is about the environment and how you should prepare for your own comfort when you go there.
Garden wedding? Try a knee-length, spring-inspired cocktail dress with a wedge shoe. A�Not only is this just appropriate for the theme (flora and fauna) but the wedge shoe will definitely make sure you will not sink in the beautiful grass garden.
Beach wedding? Nothing says formal beach wear than a nice opaque, maxi-dress. Remember, this is still a wedding. We want the attention to all be on the couple only. So make sure that your maxi-dress Move Your Money Scorecard is not a cover up and you are wearing your skimpiest bikini inside. Honestly, both the couple and the other guests would like to focus on the ceremony and not your well-toned and tanned body.
Wedding at a Church? Remember to A�know what kind of Church you are going into. If the Church is definitely calling for something formal, look to Audrey Hepburn for inspiration. Don’t go Marilyn Monroe.
3. Know the time of the day and let that guide you in choosing the final pieces
You can’t wear a bare all cocktail dress for a chilly evening right? Your full on faux-fur coat definitely does not do you any good under the scorching heat of the sun at noon time at the beach. So make sure that you know what time the wedding will take place.
For day weddings, it would be nice if you chose clothes that is cool and allows the skin to breathe. You can bring a shawl or scarf to cover up your arms when the situation calls for it.
For night weddings, sleeves can be on and wear clothes that can keep you warm, even without a jacket. This way, you would look and relaxed as a guest and not bundled up like a grizzly bear.
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