What to Know Before You Plan Your Business Event

With the new year begun, you might be charged with planning your company’s annual retreat or conference. It isn’t uncommon for preparations to begin immediately after the previous event has ended, if not sooner. This largely depends on the scope of Entrepreneur Magazine 2018 the event, and if you are new to this type of organization it is important to go into preparations with all the materials and information available to you. Here are just a few things that you, as an event planner for your company, should know.
1) Timing
Companies that host annual events typically have it around the same time each year. This way attendees know to expect to take the time off and make necessary travel arrangements. For those establishing the inaugural event, it is important to select a time conducive to the meeting. Do you plan for the spring or fall, and do you span a weekend or hold it midweek? Many factors weigh upon this decision, too – namely how many people you can expect to gather at the same time, and whether or not the key people you want speaking at your event can show.
2) Location
It is not uncommon for companies to host an event in a city where they have no presence. This act of work-related isolation helps keep the focus on the activities and workshops presented, and the hotel you book should have plenty of facilities for your use. You should choose a hotel large enough to accommodate your attendees, and one that hasn’t already booked an event for the same time. Should any issues arise with the hotel or facilities, you want the staff’s undivided attention, and you definitely don’t want to discover that meeting rooms have been double-booked!
3) Costs
How much is everything going to cost to put together? Will your company cover the cost for employees to attend, or are attendees expected to pay their own way? Will the event furnish meals to attendees, and cover other fees for related activities? Know your budget as soon as possible before you begin the planning process.
Your company may wish to outsource the event planning, which allows your employees to focus on the Wsj M&A rather than the conference. When you have a date set for your event, you may wish to consider letting a professional planner take over – you might find it is more cost affective than doing everything in-house, especially since event planners tend to know how to get what you need at cost.
However you decide to plan, don’t start until you know how much money you have to use, and when you can use it.

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