What Makes A Good “About Us” Page?

The “About Us” page is frequently seen as a requirement these days for a business website. People tend to look for such a page as well as a Contact page as being “standard” website items. But what we really need to find out is what people expect to see on your “About Us” page. Are they, for instance, really trying to find out all about YOU and your business? Or is there another reason why people look for the “About Us” page?
Largely it is about trust and credibility. People want to know that having almost made the decision to work with you or buy from you, that you are the kind of people they want to do Things To Remember When Starting A Business with. It is one of the final checks on the road to purchase. Without an effective “About Us” page you could be losing out on cash because potential customers have no way of confirming whether or not you are worthwhile doing business with.
The thing is, however, when people look at the “About Us” page they actually do not really want to know about YOUR business at all. Rather what they want to know is what your business can do for THEM. All of the psychological research on trust and credibility demonstrates one thing: people trust people who demonstrate care for them.
If your “About Us” page is completely focused on your Innovative Business Ideas For Students, it shows that you are not really very interested in your customers. So, if your “About Us” page shows what you can do for them, so much the better, as it helps demonstrate caring. Focus as much of your “About Us” page from the perspective of your customers.
True, they might want to know some background about you, but boring corporate history is not what they want. They want to know about the people in your business, their personalities and so on. Plus they want you to have fun, be light, not serious. I have two “About” pages – one stating what I can do for my clients and some traditional CV style material, but then a “fun” page with 12 Facts about me that people might not know. Whenever I meet new clients, they always refer to something from this page – showing they read it and engaged with it.
Your “About Us” page can also get engagement – and lead to business. If you are not providing a corporate history, but instead you are showing your personality and demonstrating what you can do for your customers then your “About Us” page will help you win more business.

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