What Is in Those BAFTA Gift Bags?

The buying craze that fans go into after the star of their favourite film has used any particular product can result in immeasurable success for many of the providers taking part in this year’s BAFTA Film Nominee gift bag. A simple product mention Small Business Leaders by a celebrity can launch a company to heights currently unknown. Although the actual products in the gift bag are currently unknown, the providers have been released, and what is the harm in a little speculation about some of the best?
Anya Hindmarch – Although she now has shops in 17 different countries, Hindmarch started her career right in London and continues to do so with both retail and the much talked about bespoke shop in Point Street. Celebrity gifts could be one of her prestigious bespoke bags complete with handwritten messages sewn in, or perhaps one of her “be the bag” products with a personal photograph printed straight onto the outside.
Asprey – Having a history of providing the Monarch with their jewels, a gift such as a watch or some kind of bone china is probably more likely to be presented to the BAFTA nominees. Expect a brandable gift, such as leather, instead of an expensive piece of jewellery, probably no Asprey diamonds in this takeaway.
Charles Worthington – Worthington already attracts the hottest superstars from all across the globe to experience his ultimate hair styling experience. He usually travels from red carpet event to red carpet event, but his participation in the gift bag aims to bring the celebrities to him this time. A trip to the original ultra-posh salon on Percy Street could be his gift to the stars, or it could be a day long experience in his immaculate “House of Charles Worthington,” a five story salon in Covent Garden aimed to cater at the clients every hair styling need. The salon is also giving away an exclusive BAFTA VIP salon experience to one lucky contest winner, so be on the lookout for that.
Escada – They have come a long way from their roots as a fashion company prided on unusual combinations, they have now ventured into accessories, perfumes, makeup, and even kids wear. After filing for bankruptcy in 2009, Startup Business Plan Pdf they have come roaring back with red carpet appearances everywhere. They not only have a luxury fashion line, but also a cheeky little sport line, which could possibly make an appearance in this year’s gift bag.
Hotel Chocolate – A two fold company here with both the retail luxury Chocolate line and their hotel, located in the West Indies. Hotel Chocolate is one of the few chocolate makers in the world to make their product from cocoa beans they grow and care for themselves, working hand in hand with the local population who have been tending the crops for hundreds of years. They could give away anything from a simple heart shaped box of confectionaries to a week at their fantastic Rabot Estate resort tucked away in the West Indie mountains and surrounded by cocoa trees.

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