What Exactly Is an Observatory and How Much Does It Cost?

Do you know what an observatory is? If you are reading this article, you probably do, but just in case you don’t: an observatory is a room built with the purpose to observe various terrestrial and celestial bodies and their activity. Generally, observatories are used by people with an interest in this field: scientists, companies, government agencies with science programs, schools and people with a passion for astronomy.

An observatory dome is not something you would find in your average home or school. It’s a particular building with a precise purpose. That’s why observatories are usually built by specialized companies and equipped according to each customer’s need. If you add the fact that there aren’t too many companies doing this type of job, you will quickly understand that an observatory is in fact an investment. Even if you aim to get the cheapest one you will still have to spend at least $1000. This means that such an item is out of reach for many folks. For people with a passion for astronomy, manufacturers have prepared extra features. We can mention here the motorized dome, which is synchronized with the telescope.

If you don’t have enough money to invest in your passion you can choose to build your own observatory. With a little free time and a lot of do-it-yourself skills you can get this job done. You’ll be glad to know that you can buy the required material from your average hardware store. Now don’t expect to receive the same quality as you would with a purchased observatory, but these materials will do their job. Another viable option is to buy a do-it-yourself kit from the observatory manufacturers. This option is cheaper and you will get all that you need to build a stable and efficient dome with your own hands.

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Thinking about choosing the cheapest solution? I don’t judge you, as I would do the same. If you decided to take this road, here is what you should find in your kit:

dome quadrants – components that assure the structure is Where Are The Sba Headquarters Located waterproofed (you really don’t want to rain inside);

shutter and fittings – they are usually Wall Street Journal Stocks manufactured from fiberglass;

to put them altogether you need many bolts, some nuts and off-course wheels;

indications (in case you need) to help you put together the walls;

And probably the most important: a manual to guide you how to assemble everything.

With such a kit you can have your dream observatory right in your backyard and you can save those thousands of dollars for something else. It’s recommended to buy a do-it-yourself kit than to build a dome from scratch, as the materials used in the kit are waterproof and weatherproof. With a lot of sensitive equipment inside your personal “lab”, you need good weather protection.

There are not many companies that manufacture observatory domes. However, those that do have an authority in the niche should be trusted to deliver a quality product. If you are thinking of purchasing an observatory for your home, you can quickly find a list of manufactures in a short search engine session.