Wedding Venues – A Guide to Choosing One That’s Right for You!

Wedding Venues are a difficult decision to make when planning a wedding. Should you opt for a formal church wedding? A beach wedding? Business Management Salary 2017 Or how about a simple backyard ceremony? Whatever you choose, you want your day to be special, and the venue has to be perfect.
Many people go with a formal church wedding when saying their vows. These wedding venues are perfect for those who have perhaps grown up in the church and are marrying someone of the same faith. If you are thinking of a church wedding, it is important to book your venue at least nine months in advance, and sometimes How To Start A Business In A Month even a full year in advance. Church calendars fill up quickly, and you want to make sure you have your choice of dates. Large churches often have wedding coordinators on staff, and this is who you should contact. For smaller churches, you may need to consult with the church manager to set the date.
Church wedding venues often have times of the year when they do not allow weddings, due to conflicts with other events. Sometimes churches will book more than one wedding on the same day, so make sure to schedule your wedding time allowing plenty of wiggle room, so that the other wedding does not interfere with yours.
Additionally, if you are booking a church you do not attend, ask about any attendance requirements.
Next, if you are more of an outdoorsy couple or maybe you have an affinity for the beach, beach wedding venues are becoming very popular. If you live in a state with beaches, it can be easy to plan. If you are planning a destination wedding, there may be more tasks to add to your to do list. Find a hotel with a reception area, or find a public beach that allows gatherings such as a wedding. For a public beach, you may need a permit, for a beach wedding at a hotel; the hotel will secure any permits necessary.
If you are using a hotel, these wedding venues will usually provide everything you need-the canopy or tent, the altar, the chairs, sometimes even the flowers and photographers. If doing the event on your own, make sure to find a tent or canopy, chairs, etc.
As for simple wedding venues, a very simple ceremony can be performed in your own backyard, or the backyard of a family member or friend. Look for a home that has a large backyard, and lots of parking available. Backyard weddings offer an opportunity for the bride and groom to save money and make the ceremony more personal, as they can decorate the entire area as they see fit. Again, tents and chairs should be rented.
No matter which of these wedding venues you decide upon, make sure it reflects you, as a couple, and allows you to enjoy your perfect day.

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