Web 2.0 For Business

Leverage is commonly described as the use of borrowed money to make an investment and return on that investment. However, in the year 2011, leverage for your business is defined by Facebook and Twitter.
Capitalizing on social media clout Tips And Tricks On Business is what it’s all about.
Using social media for business leverages web instruments so that your anticipated return on investment increases. In the case of Web 2.0, your major investment is time. Social media is your top power gizmo in realizing and upholding a competitive advantage in your business. Without the snappy use of these measures you are not going to ride the wave of marketing success experienced by those who are clocking in time online.
Here are my top 6 ways to leverage using social media for your business.
1. Poll customers on Facebook. This might seem too simple and unnecessary; nevertheless, polling provides 3 powerful advantages to your business. First, you will have your target market telling you what it thinks, wants and needs. Second, you will build relationships with your customers through simple communication. Third, polling causes traffic (action!) on your page. Google LOVES action on yours site! Accordingly, your site’s SEO rank will increase with Google’s love allowing your business a better chance of sustaining a high visibility when a consumer is searching for what you have.
2. Be present and active on multiple social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Profile and other sites such as Squidoo and HubPages. Keyword is: Engage. Using social media for your business is about creating relationships with our customers and garnering a loyal following through attraction marketing.
3. Build your You, Inc. brand. This sounds crazy but today your product is not about your product, service or advertisement, it is about You, Inc., who you are and whether you are trusted, liked and well received by your potential customers. Use social media to market the fabulous You, Inc.
4. Show link love. Whaz that! Link love is when you share other’s site link and promote without expecting anything in return. When you like a blog, article, picture or comment, send that sucker to your Facebook page or tweet it! Along these same lines, ReTweet Innovative Business Ideas For Students those twitter’s tweets that you think will help your audience. Even share your competition’s information! There is plenty of room to go around so don’t be stingy. If someone else has information that will add value to your prospects lives, give it to them.
5. Engage. I mentioned this before and it is worth a number all its own. Never before have you been able to meet new friends and customers from around the world in just a single day. Get online and engage. This does not mean 24/7 spewing of “your stuff” and “your thoughts” – you are not so cool that everyone wants to read about you all the time. Engage in what other people have to say about their lives or products. Ask questions and come back to your social media sites to get the answers. Don’t leave people hanging, be real, and surround yourself with people who share your interests and people interested in you. This is the basis of attraction marketing – doing business with individuals who you would want to hang out with and using social media for your business is nothing but the power of magnetism.
6. Put your content in video. This social media business tool is POWERFUL and it will continue to grow in power. In a world where speed reading, decreased attention span and augmented multi-tasking has become, lets face it, even YOUR norm, your customers and prospects need it delivered like a short (very short!) TV show. So get your content on video in a concise interesting package and for goodness sake put it on your YouTube channel! Duh! Just so ya know, these are only 6 good ideas in a large array of concepts available for your social media marketing efforts. With so many options to use to get your name in front of your customers it’s quite overwhelming to think about getting started, let alone “doing”. But, the effort will be totally worth it in the end.

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