Want to Become a Fashion Designer? Here is the Help You Need For Success!

You do not need to go to a very fancy and exclusive art university to become a fashion designer. That might help you to get work at Ft Markets haute couturiers, but in reality the big majority of fashion designers work outside of those big international fashion houses.
You need creativity, lots of it. That is of course a given. (If you have lots of ideas, but you are not sure how to visualise them, my advice would be to get a partner. You talk about your ideas, source for fabrics and materials, and your partner is the one drawing them. Or vice versa.) You need to be able to spot trends and predict what is coming, find inspiration on anything; vintage clothing, movies.. but remember to adapt your own style to your designs, DO NOT do copies.
You need to make lots of contacts! Remember to use social networking, and when you meet people in parties, ask if you can add them Facebook. These people will become handy when you have your collection ready and you need buyers for your clothes. At first you can ask your friends to wear them and the word of mouth will surely bring you more clients. A good idea is also to get to know other upcoming designers and get a showroom or a shop together.
So what do you want to design? Menswear? Womenswear? Clothing for children? Jeans? If your decision is jeans, you can just contact a jeans manufacturer and ask if they could How To Run A Successful Small Business produce your jeans according to your designs. Some jeans manufacturers produce even small quantities, so you would not have to start with a stock that you feel is too big.

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