Video Marketing for Lawyers – How to Become a Video Distributor

So you want to become a video distributor, do you?
In the ‘old’ days, you would have to upload each video to each individual sharing site. Each site had their own forms, their own format and their own requirements. Restaurant Business Plan Sample If you wanted your content on five different video sharing sites, it would easily take over an hour or more to upload just that one video.
Thankfully, the ‘old days’ are gone. There are now programs and services that allow you to upload your video to one place and then that service shoots your video out to multiple sharing sites at once. You still have to optimize each video, but these services allow you the ability to upload once and distribute to many locations.
Becoming a video distributor is pretty simple. As long as you know what will compel an online viewer to watch your video over everyone else’s, and Entrepreneur Magazine Media Kit 2019 as long as you understand how to get the search engines to recognize your video content over your colleagues and competitors. Simple really.
Let’s start with the basics.
Your video must be in the right format. (Quicktime file),.mp4 (flash) file is a sure thing. Next, you must make sure that your video file is not too large, otherwise you will get an error message saying your file cannot be uploaded because it’s way too big. Once you have your video file in the right size and the right format you now upload it. Depending on what service you use, like (a free service for personal use and paid for business use) or (a paid service with lots of bells and whistles, you must fill in specific information.
The first is: Title.
Seems simple, right? Sure it is. Just ask the people who work at the tabloids how they come up with those outrageous titles all the time. “Oprah is sleeping with Obama; Marriage on the rocks.” No matter what you think of those tabloids at the checkout counter in the supermarket, I guarantee you the headlines catch your eye.
Let’s use this headline as an example and tell me what you think. “New York lawyer wears black leather shoes to court.” That’s about as dull as you can get and nobody will ever click on that video, guaranteed. Your title is designed to get your video noticed. If your video is not noticed, it will not be watched.
CAVEAT: You must stay within your state’s ethics rules regarding what you can and can’t say.
The next section to fill out is the description.
This is often misunderstood and often the most junior video production guy is asked to deal with this. He (or she) will usually not have an understanding of what works best. Let me give you a hint…a one sentence summary of what you talk about in your video will not get your video found.
Keywords are the next box you must fill in.
Do not put in 25 keywords. Over-doing it will not help you get your videos noticed. A handful works well. Here’s an example. If I create a video about medical malpractice in New York involving a failure to diagnose breast cancer, my keywords might be: cancer, breast cancer, misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, lawyer, attorney, new york.
If you are using a service to upload your videos, you still need to create accounts at the multiple video sharing sites first. Then you have to input all the user id’s and passwords. Some sharing sites do not accept specific videos. You must identify which videos work best for which sharing sites. You also have to assign your video to a particular category. Is your video about sports? Business? People? What happens if you don’t categorize your video properly? I’ll tell video will not be found as easily as if you put it in the right box.
Once that’s done, you need to know that there are other sharing sites that you want to upload to that do not participate in the services of Tubemogul or TrafficGeyser. That’s more time invested in uploading. Do you have that time to spare? If you have ten video clips, do you have the time to upload all ten? I don’t know any attorney who has the time or desire to do this. Do you?

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