Use One Simple Recording to Set Up Your Online Business!

From my experience, there are a lot of different ways to make money on the internet. It takes some knowledge of how to set up an online Recent News On Technology, but after you do that, you can really do well. One method that has worked for me is what I call “one off products.” What I mean by this is you take the knowledge in your head, hold a seminar or webinar, record that presentation, and then sell it over and over again.
When promoting a one off product, you will want to follow these six easy steps.
The first step is to choose a topic. It should be something you can talk about for sixty minutes, and I guarantee that everyone has some kind of expertise, whether it is model trains or developing PowerPoint slides or running a daycare that he or she can talk about for that long. Either way, you will want to talk about something simple because the goal is to put out some good useable content and make some cash at the same time.
The second step is to create an outline. Let me give you a simple way to do this. Get out a sheet of paper, and write your topic in the middle of it. Then brainstorm some subtopics for your main topic. Write these down and see if you can come up with two good details about each one of these subtopics. You need maybe eight to ten subtopics with two details for each one. Once you have those, you have an outline for sixty-minute presentation. How easy is that?
The third step is sign up for a free teleseminar service. You can find one that is free to use, and you can get up to 250 callers on the line. That is different from when I started out; usually you could only get up to 100 callers at a time. The cool thing is you can record your teleseminar and download it when you are done.
Your next step is to tell people about your teleseminar. But who exactly do you invite? Your website, blogs, and email lists are a great place to start. I would just go nuts with this stuff and tell everybody I know that I am having this wonderful teleseminar.
The fifth step is to sell tickets to your teleseminar. I gotta credit Jim Bob Howard for sharing this with me. There is a great sight called Event Bright, and it is free to use. Your Bbc News Comments customers pay Event Bright, and then Event Bright pays you. But the beauty is you do not pay any money until you start making money by selling tickets. They save you a lot of hassle.
The last step is to record your teleseminar. Do it one time, and then use it over and over and over. You can sell the recording as an audio CD. You can have the recording transcribed and sell it as an Ebook. You can sell it together, the audio and transcription, for more money. You can combine one off products into a home-study course. There are really an endless steam of options you can come up with to make more money off of your one recording.
You absolutely can start your business today!

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