True Love Means Total Self Acceptance

Do you know who you are? We all have our stories but do you know who you really are? All that stuff you went through, the highs and the lows, none of it really matters. It was just you the human having an experience. And you carry issues with you from it-what I call emotional aspects. And your mind wants to understand these issues. Why am I angry right now? Why am I depressed? Why am I fearful? Some seek therapy in search of answers. And there’s nothing right or wrong about that. It may be just what you need, as all choices are perfect. And yet I am inviting you to approach all your emotional aspects from a different perspective because it’s not important that you gain an understanding of why you’re feeling the way you are. What’s truly important is that you know who you really are.
Oh, but you say that you have to get to the bottom of your issues before you can resolve them-only then you’ll be able to get on with a normal life. I understand this way of thinking and it’s just a game you’re playing with yourself. Because even Basics Of Business Finance though you have all those stories and hurting aspects, you’ve been abused or whatever, that’s not what your real concern is. Healing is not about uncovering the source of all your issues so you can get on with your life. It doesn’t work that way.
It’s just the opposite. It’s about choosing to get on with your life through remembering who you are. You’ve always been divine and always will be. You’re an eternal divine spirit having a human experience of playing the greatest game of hide and seek ever played. But you are now in your chosen lifetime in which you are ready to Business Management School remember. You’re emotional baggage or story is only a by-product of having spent several lifetimes on the planet without remembering. Not knowing who you are is the cause of your emotional suffering. That’s why you’ve accumulated a lot of emotional aspects-or illusions as to who you think you are, or who you think you’ve been.
If you place all your focus or attention on trying to figure out or understand these illusions, then all your energy is spinning in a circle going nowhere because you’re trying to figure out an illusion. And what’s worse, because your energy is focused on this, by the Law of Attraction, you attract more illusion into your life. You literally become attached or addicted to this illusion (your story) and it keeps getting bigger. You’re convinced that it’s who you are and it’s not.
If on the other hand, you place your focus or attention on who you really are, which is unconditional love and compassion, now your energy is at least being directed at what is real, even if initially you have a hard time finding such love and compassion within yourself because of being so addicted to your aspects, or your story, which tells you that you are a victim of life’s circumstances and then seeks to point out how you’ve been hurt and to even get rid of those who hurt you.
If you make a conscious choice to begin placing your focus on who you really are, that’s when understanding concerning your baggage will come, but it will be wisdom that bubbles up from within rather than something that you gain in your intellect. There’s a big difference. What happens is, you decide you’re going to choose to love and accept what you’re feeling the next time an emotional aspect gets triggered. And then you go about your day and someone comes along and sure enough, you get triggered. And because you have such a habit of reacting as a victim, you fall right back into that habit by pointing your finger at the problem and having a knee jerk reaction to it. Ah, but because you made a conscious choice to learn how to truly love yourself, you observe this entire experience and you realize, wow, I really am addicted to this story aren’t I? You’re still dwelling on your pain and fear but you are now aware that that isn’t who you really are. The one who observed yourself reacting like is who you are, and that observer in you has a great deal of compassion for you. In fact, it adores you, no matter what. And if not this first time then, as long as you stay committed to choosing to accept and love yourself no matter what whenever you get triggered, you will soon begin feeling that compassion, and you will realize that this compassion is what that triggered emotional aspect in you wanted all along. It just wanted to be loved, by the real you. And because you are now beginning to identify with that real you, then you’re home inside your heart so that you can embrace it when one of your aspects pops up, as triggered by outside circumstances.
So when you commit to learn how to truly love yourself, you begin seeing what your real issue is-that you are addicted to your story, or your emotional pain, and that’s okay (where the issue came from is irrelevant). In that moment I invite you to accept it. Let’s say you’re feeling angry. Great! Feel what an amazing experience anger is. Express it if possible (when appropriate but remember that it’s not about what’s triggering it). Accept your anger. Own it. Honor it. It will peak and then it will pass. It actually integrates within you. Now you have just integrated one, or perhaps many of your aspects and the result is that you have become more balanced.
You didn’t need to understand where that came from at all. As I said, that may come in the form of clarity as to what it was about-or it may not come. It doesn’t really matter whether you understand it or not because it’s just more about your story. All you really need to do is accept it.
As you accept your emotions no matter what they are, you begin to realize that your acceptance is actually true love, because acceptance implies having no agenda for it to change or to push it away or for it to be anything other than what it is. That’s the nature of true love. So acceptance of what you’re feeling is true love. As you realize this, you can actually begin to feel love and appreciation for your anger, even while you’re feeling angry! When you place your focus on who you are, which is what you are doing when you accept what you are, that is when your aspects can truly integrate within you and become balanced. Your energy becomes balanced because the resistance to your aspects is no longer there.
Resisting what you feel, and blaming something outside yourself for your emotions, is not love at all. It is in fact, denying who you really are. It doesn’t allow the loving compassionate you to be experienced at all. That’s why I say it only creates an illusion because you’re focusing on what isn’t true-that you’re a victim for example, and then you literally attract more of such experiences because your entire frame of reference for your life is focused outside yourself on an illusion. So let’s say when you’re triggered by what someone you know does, you run to your head and try to figure out what’s going on. This is analyzing it, trying to understand what the real issue is. But as you are doing that you are not capable of truly experiencing your emotion. It’s there but your mind is busy analyzing it. The reason you do this is because you have some kind of hidden agenda. In other words, you have an agenda to continue building your story, adding to it. Perhaps you then go tell your friends what happened to you. They all agree you were a victim and now you have reinforced your illusion. It becomes even more real to you. That was your agenda for analyzing it rather than just experiencing it, letting it pass, and then forgetting about it. Such a choice does nothing for your story. There’s always a motive for not choosing acceptance-choosing to have compassion for you who is angry in this now moment. Doing that has no agenda. It’s just accepting yourself just as you are. That’s true love. Whatever the issue is, and whatever your motive for trying to figure out what the issue is, do you see how either is irrelevant?
Do you see how accepting yourself just as you are is the only thing that is actually real? As long as you place your focus on all those issues you perpetuate them and the emotional aspects remain. They never get integrated. Thus, you never become emotionally balanced. You always remain living your life within an illusion, and a suffering one at that. You have done this for lifetimes. But it’s actually just a game we humans have been playing for a long time, of denying who we really are. And that my dear friends, is why we have had the historical story of war and suffering on this planet. It’s why we still do not have world peace.
The good news is, if you would choose to focus on love, now for the first time in our history you will be focusing on what’s real. And that is the invitation of the times we are living in with all its intense energy. That invitation is to integrate all your aspects through choosing love in the form of acceptance whether you have one shred of understanding or not. Just accept, honor, and love. Be okay with what is. Be in a relationship with the divine, which is who you really are, by identifying with the part of you that loves unconditionally.
The more you do this, the more your awareness of the divine will grow. This happens because your emotional aspects slowly integrate as you one by one accept and honor them. As you become balanced you become more aware of your true nature. The divine is moving into your life-to stay. It wants to take over so it can express love and compassion through you at all times. Are you willing to allow that to happen to you? Are you willing or ready to surrender to the love of God which is knocking at the door of your heart? This is true spirituality and this perspective is slowly moving into the culture.
Or are you too addicted to your story? Too much in love with all the drama and the need to focus on it, point it out to make sure everyone else understand what you are going through? Do you still need to extract revenge? This is why Earth is the greatest challenge of any going on throughout all the dimensions. Here you are asking yourself to remember who you are (true love) without any evidence of it around you. You placed yourself in a world of illusions (that we are not capable of loving unconditionally) and you wanted to see if you could tap into your true nature of unconditional love while here. Those that do and stay focused on love long enough to become fully integrated enter ascension status, which is freedom from the game. This is true religion because religion means to re-bind with God. That is precisely what is happening. The divine literally melds with the human fully. No more illusion of being separate. The only reason we have our saviors is because we haven’t been willing to accept that we can love just the same. Melding with the divine is also when you gain the freedom to truly make a choice without one of your aspects having a say in that choice. That kind of freedom is the true desire of all humans. And that kind of true love relationship with yourself will be the greatest love story ever experienced. Are you ready to choose that kind of love?

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