Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Events on Twitter

Whether you have planned to organize a workshop, a business meeting or a fundraiser in support for your cause, it is always easier to communicate to a greater number of individuals via Twitter. Social networking sites, such as Twitter have emerged to be a very powerful marketing tool for organizations to connect, interact, and share their business related news and information with potential attendees and donors.
Let’s now focus on how Twitter can help you promote your events and activities online.
Reach Out to Your Attendees through Tweets
Tweet about your occasion news and updates to generate awareness amongst your potential attendees. You can create more than one tweet with a link to your event registration portal. You should try to post at least 5 tweets everyday to create a buzz among your existing and new attendees. The 140 character tweets should include interesting data to attract your probable attendees to visit your registration page and finally sign up for the function. Don’t forget to tweet and retweet to generate a steady stream of followers.
Take the Help of Your Friends
As an event organizer, you can take the help of your friends and business associates in spreading your message on Twitter. They can upload your function photos and video links and tweet about the same which in turn will help in promoting it amongst their friends and followers. Such promotional tactics develops a positive impact for your conference or concert.
Develop a Hashtag for Your Event
Try to use hashtags while tweeting. Hashtags helps to mark relevant keywords in a tweet and in the process helps your tweet to rank higher in the Twitter search. People can easily find your tweet and go through the details. Moreover, hashtags also helps people to view your tweet history. Symbols such as hashtags not only help in attracting more people toward your organized event but it also allows you to share your ideas and information with a larger audience.
Build Up a Twitter List
You can build up a Twitter list of all those who register for your program. You can allow the registrants of a particular Successful Company List program to communicate and share information with each other and develop a bond before they attend the actual occasion.
Send Emails to the Registrants
You can easily send emails to all your registrants, providing them valuable updates before the big day. You can even send emails encouraging Personal Financial News individuals to follow everyone on your Twitter list. In this way you can develop a community feeling among your Twitter friends.

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