Top 10 Invitation Mistakes

Digital media has run rampant, with Americans opting to send e-cards, e-vites, and emails over traditional cards, invitations and letters. Snail mail is inconvenient, expensive, and generally unwanted in a world where clicking a button gets immediate results. One major exception to this rule is important events, such as Major Business News functions or weddings. Though it may be convenient to put together a quick event on Facebook, digital medium cannot yet reflect the importance and formality expressed by receiving an invitation in the mail. At the same time, first birthdays, pig roasts, and holiday celebrations still have a strong hold in the paper invitation world.
If you are sitting down to compose the invitation wording for your latest event (whether you are printing them yourself or having an online retailer print it for you), International Trade News you may feel uncertain about what to include and what to avoid. Here is a comprehensive guide to the top 10 mistakes made by invitation novices and experts alike.

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