Tips While Printing Business Cards

Business card printing is an important aspect of your business and you need to choose a good business card that mirrors the right image for your organisation. Always remember that the card represents you, so you need to look good! Think of business card printing as an investment that is sure to help you in the long run.
Here are few things to keep in mind
• Choose the printing paper carefully. The look and feel of the card depends on the paper you choose. Always remember that some cards will go into your wallet so don’t choose a paper that is too thick as they don’t bend easily and the folds are extremely visible on the card. You will also find plastic coated cards that are indestructible. They are a great option of business cards but look a little too thin and flimsy. If you are printing a business card with a photograph on it then, choose a nice glossy paper to make the picture stand out.
• The business card layout should be simple and neat. Don’t complicate it with obscure designs and fonts. It should have the name and designation of the person, contact number, fax and email information. The company name and logo takes centre stage in a card. There is no fixed design format in a card; you can experiment and customise to your liking, but always make sure that the card is legible and all the information is clear. Adding the company tagline or slogan is a good idea for brand recall.
• Printing is always done in bulk. On an average you will need more than 1000 cards a year. Australia World News But don’t get all thousand at one time. They will go to waste if you need to update any
information in the card. The most ideal solution is printing batches of 200. It a safe number and you don’t have to worry about any cards going waste.
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