Three Keys to a Compelling Press Release

Let’s say your company doesn’t have the marketing budget for a full-page newspaper ad, half-hour infomercial, radio spots, mobile billboard or even a direct mail campaign. And for your company to thrive, it must have a steady stream of new customers.
What on earth will you do?
One of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal is the little one-page press release. Just because it’s one page-don’t discount its leveraging power. This one page, in the right hands can drive lots of traffic to your physical or online store.
When picked up by newspapers, blogs, the evening news, membership websites or online media, it’s been known to launch entire businesses. When done right, press releases can bring in an obscene amount of cash flow instantly. Not a bad problem to have.
So what information can you put in your press release?
First of all, it’s not about selling your product or service. That’s what you’ll eventually want to do, but not at first. You have to do a little romancing to get your foot in the door.
Media people are constantly on the lookout for stories that serve the most amounts of people. They are looking for newsworthy information. Not a sales pitch.
Media outlets are not your marketing firm. But they will run your story if you can provide them with Bbc Science a compelling press release. One that delivers valuable, important information for their readers.
Let’s look at three keys that compel editors to your press release:
1) Give the Bbc News Yesterday facts.
Maybe it’s a major announcement about your company. Perhaps it’s the launching of a new business. How about a merger, coming out with a new product line, or the fact that a celebrity is on board endorsing your product?
Whatever the case may be, make sure to create enough buzz that would cause the media to feel they will miss out on something had they not covered your story or event.
2) Keep it short, buddy.
Tell your story, but tell just enough to tantalize their appetites. A few paragraphs of facts would quickly suffice. If you try to sell them that you have the best deal on product xyz, forget about it. The media may ostracize you.
3) Frequency wins in the long-run.
Stability is a big plus for effective press campaigns. It might be psychological, but if an editor keeps seeing your compelling press releases at least once a month, it creates curiosity and interest that may one day lead to a story, article or interview. And that’s very good for you.
Don’t dismiss this little one-pager in your marketing plan. Create a compelling piece and you could see sales or lead generation explode overnight. Again, not a bad problem to have.

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