Thoughts on Oakland Raiders 2009 Season

First and foremost JaMarcus Russell must come on strong. Out of the gate the Oakland Raiders play all three AFC West rivals. JaMarcus Russell better bring it against all of them.
Game one is a home game for the Oakland Raiders and they must win. Unfortunately, Oakland has not won a game against the San Diego Chargers since September 2003. Ouch. The Oakland Raiders have one of the best running games in the league right now. If the Oakland running backs are used effectively this should be a win for the Raiders. This game is on JROC and Coach Cable. They both better bring their A Game. Remember clock management is a *bleep*.
Game two at Kansas City Chiefs should be better but still it’s in KC. Arrowhead Stadium is not the most welcome environment. The Kansas City Chiefs made a lot of changes in personnel but still lack a lot to be competitive in the AFC West. They picked up a great upcoming QB but dumped possibly one of the best TEs in the game and a staple of their offense for years. Tony Gonzalez. You can guarantee he will be missed by Matt Cassel even though they didn’t play together. Tony Gonzalez has some of the best hands in the game and would have helped out Matt Cassel a lot. On paper this is all Oakland Raiders. They better play strong from beginning to end. Oakland can lose this game if they get behind and that crowd gets into it. Get crazy early and remove the crowd from the equation and it should be all Raiders.
Game three is another home game for the Oakland Raiders against the newly retooled Denver Broncos. Even though the Denver Broncos have dropped in the rankings they still have a pretty good running game and team. Will that matter with no Mike Shanahan? That still remains to be seen. Their passing game dropped to last place in the rankings. Jay Cutler was traded to the Chicago Bears Top 10 Successful Business in the offseason. Jay Cutler had over 4,000 passing yards last year. Granted the Denver Broncos’ running game was banged up but that has to hurt. Brandon Marshall wants out of Denver as well. That is not going to help things in Denver. If Oakland hits the Denver Broncos hard on the ground early and manages the clock properly this should be an easy win for the Oakland Raiders.
These three games will dictate the Finance News Uk Oakland Raiders 2009 Season.

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