Third Party Skinny Body Care Review – The Facts About Skinny Body Care

I’ve been looking at a lot of Skinny Body Care Reviews and I’ve noticed a few red flags. I am not a Skinny Body Care distributor so don’t worry, I’m not looking to sign you up, but if you want to know the facts about this company or if you’re concerned that Skinny Body Care is a scam, let me fill you in on what I’ve found out (or didn’t find out).
Skinny Body Care is a pretty new MLM that started in January 2011. My first concern doesn’t have much to do with the company itself; it’s just the fact that S.B.C is a new company. Unfortunately, most mlm’s don’t make it past the Financial News Twitter first two years, so if you decide to sign up just be aware of the extra risk. Getting involved on the ground floor isn’t bad but you have to do your research if you want to avoid getting scammed by new companies like this one.
This leads me to the next problem I see with S.B.C. Out of all the research I’ve done and the Skinny Body Care Reviews I’ve read, no one can seem to find very much information about the CEO and the company leaders, save for a guy named Ben Glinsky. I found a few obscure references about Ben and I can’t say one way or another whether this guy is the real deal or not. For all I know Ben Glinsky could just be running Skinny Body Care out of his garage, because I have yet to find any solid information about Skinny Body Care’s management team either. My advice is to hold off on signing up with this network marketing company until you know who you’re dealing with, or find a company that is more transparent.
I think the biggest reason people are calling Skinny Body Care a scam is that the company is selling the illusion of being able to make money without signing people up. I don’t really want to get into details but S.B.C has something in its compensation plan called spillover. Here’s what spillover is as I understand it. Let’s say Joe is a killer Skinny Body Care distributor and he has a list of endless leads to put into his Skinny Body Care business. Now Joe signs up Mary and she gets a few people from her warm market to sign up, she even signs up her dead-beat brother, Jack. Now the reason Jack signed up was that he was told that whenever Joe and Mary, or any one from their team, puts someone in Skinny Body Care, they’ll go under him which would give Jack something called spillover. All Jack has to do is sit back and wait for the checks to start rolling in. The problem I see with the illusion of spillover is that it attracts people who don’t want to do any work. Worst of all, when these people sign up it seems to be O.K. to give them the impression that they truly don’t have to do any work and can still make money with Skinny Body Care, so eventually what happens is that Jack (and everyone like him) ends up with a canceled auto-ship and a whole lot of nothing. I don’t think the spillover myth is a reason to say Skinny Body Care is a scam because a lot of other companies (like One24 for instance) are saying similar things but it certainly doesn’t help them look like a reputable company either.
The last issue I have with Skinny Body Care is that it isn’t very original. There are over 5,000 MLM’s and approximately 4,800 of them are health and wellness companies. The network marketing industry Jakarta Post Newspaper Paper is totally saturated with weight loss programs, super juices, and ninja vitamins. If you want to stand out from the crowd, my advice is to get involved with a company that is totally original.
Listen, if you’re serious about signing up with any network marketing company you need to understand that it takes work! Did you know that 97% of all network marketers fail? That means 97 out of every 100 people who get into this industry don’t make it. Wouldn’t you like to be one of the 3 that does make it? Wouldn’t you like to be the person who beats the odds and makes money while you’re walking on the beaches of the world? If you’re willing to do the work anything is possible, so stop chasing people down and start learning how to attract people to you!

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