The Value of Social Media Marketing to Big Business

Social Media Marketing is the use of Social Media platforms and interfaces to market a product or service. Mainly the most popular interfaces are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn and FriendFeed.
Face book is important as it reaches some 400,000,000 users on a regular basis. Finding a targeted list of interested and active customers on Facebook is relatively easy through the joining of Groups allied to your specialty, the formation of groups around your product and service Today’S Financial News and Fan pages where the most motivated of the Group members will sign up. Once a potential customer has joined a Group you have direct access to email information to their inBox. The Fan page consists to a high degree of customers wanting you to solve their problem.
Twitter is the Social Media communication tool for the mobile phone and pocket device. It was designed around a 140 character message called a tweet and therefore is extremely phone friendly. There are no statistics for the numbers of these ‘offline’ users but that is where the growth is. The beauty of Twitter is that it operates in Real time! This means that when searching for potential customers, which can be carried out on an extremely narrow targeted basis, you are in touch with customers who have a particular problem that they want solved now. Again this is a very powerful medium for securing a targeted committed list for an email campaign.
YouTube is just fantastic! – needs much more thought though as it is not necessarily the obvious videos that get huge viewings. The advantage of YouTube that it is possible to embed subliminal message sin the videos. You can be as subtle or brash as you want. You can sponsor other peoples videos. You can actually video anything from a performance or personal interview or presentation to a Power Point presentation or an onscreen Camtasia presentation.
MySpace is popular in the Music/Arts niches and probably less use to corporations in general.
LinkedIn is extremely important because of the high earnings of its average member. LinkedIn has traditionally been the site to network between executives of different companies often seeking work or looking for opportunities. However it is growing in importance for the marketing of services to business. It is possible in a very short space of time to compile a list of LinkedIn members with interests in a particular field and become connected with them. At that point you get their contact details which you can export directly to your address book. In addition LinkedIn also has interest groups for you to join or create.
There are a multitude of other Social Networks with smaller memberships to exploit, FriendFeed probably still being the largest. Many of these smaller sites are already niche specific and you may therefore with a little research find one ideal for marketing your Sky News Uk Live.

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