The Speed of Economic Growth May Only Require a Move From Depression to Joy

The emotional state of the union needs to be addressed. The emotion that gives life to a vibrant thriving economic powerhouse is at the other end of the scale where you find happiness, joy and even bliss. Energy precedes the state of the economy. Energy precedes everything for that matter. Scientists have shown this as being the case since the turn of the century, why is it so difficult for scientists to communicate its value?
Depression is not real; it’s the energy behind the ‘appearance’ of reality. It points to a state of being held in place by people.
What does a mother do when she sees her 15 year old son laying on the couch days on end seemingly unable to move even to the refrigerator to get a bite to eat? Lazy he is called; bored to death, hopelessness and helplessness seem to be his state of being. He feels powerless in everything. Does she need to give him more money or a better couch or move the refrigerator closer? Of course she doesn’t, that will not transform his emotional state.
The emotional state of the union does not belong to the businesses or banks or government. The emotional state of these shows up Cnbc World Markets in the feelings and the energy of life. It resides in the people who give deliberate attention to the ‘appearance’ of reality.
When is an economic downturn over? Friday? Does that mean Monday we’ll be up and running fast and furious? The storm has settled and shaken out imbalances allowing for redistribution to find paths of least resistance for all segments of society. What got us to this reality is of little consequence. It’s far too early to be spending focus time on the opinions about this and that. What might be important is to focus on what we are now beginning to step into, if you want to look backwards look at the upswing of every previous period. It reminds me a quote I heard Werner Erhard spout, ‘I see people standing in burning buildings discussing whether men should wear moustaches or not’.
This one has lasted longer only because our focus has been heavily sustained on the depressed state of mind the government, some industry leaders and the perpetual reports broadcast by the media. The media would well serve its constituents, both readership and business communities alike, by sighting every bit of evidence of growth happening. Believe me there are pockets all across this nation where growth is occurring and in those circles trust me there is relief and joy flurrying all around.
The one man having the most power is of course the President as he commands the attention of the media. But his message must be unequivocal and without room for media doomsayers to inadvertently influence the mood of a nation wrongly. Light should emphasize the hopefulness filling the air. This economy can skyrocket, pull itself towards the sky in record time the moment people feel the hope together with sufficient evidence and a small bit of belief. Recovery charts will shoot upwards.
Despite the lack of understanding by some economists the greatest economic periods in this country’s history and the world itself are ahead of us. The evidence for this is in the wealth that we currently see in the world, the technology and the sheer numbers and resources Characteristics Of An Enterprise the planet provides. If I were interested in altering my economic state I would read every article I have written on this subject. Emotions are powerful; they are the energy preceding all that is in the future. You own them. You invented them. And you can re-invent them.
Things are looking up. If you are ready to buy, buy that new house, or car or business, there could not be a better time. Move this message around; get it to the people that can ignite the conversation. Joy to you all.

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