The Options Available for Press Release Distribution

There are many options to sending Press Releases. Some are better than others. But there is one thing for sure, all releases are sent to the same news distributors and in the same way – Automatically.
Press Releases are a valuable tool for different reasons. They will help you get news coverage, but most importantly they can help you rank better in Search Engines. This is one of the ways to optimize your website and get better web exposure. News Releases are not the only tool to do this. There are many other ways to optimize websites: viral marketing, search engine optimization, ad campaigns, blogs and interactive media.
There is no special software that is more expensive or more efficient than others to send press releases. All are sent through online distributors via RSS, e-mail updates and news aggregators. Feeds and aggregators cost nothing. The most important part of a release is that it is well written, that it follows a template and that key words are incorporated into the text.
Following is a brief comparison from different press release packages available online:
PRWeb will distribute your news to the most important Search Engines (Yahoo, Google and Bing), it will also go to major news sites, like Yahoo News, Topix and Google News. PRWeb will also distribute your press release to more than 250,000 RSS subscribers, 30,000 websites and 30,000 bloggers and journalists. They market four packages, from the Basic at $ 80 dollars per release to their Premium Package at $ 360 per news release. PRWeb is the most popular and they specialize in Arts & Entertainment, Associations & Non-Profits and Restaurants.
PRLog is FREE and their distribution is limited, but they do well ranking in Google. PRLog is a valuable and affordable tool for Search Engine Optimization. Most of their Small Business Administration Disaster Loans distribution is done through Google News and RSS Feeds. Your press release might not get the news coverage that you would like but it will increase your website traffic.
PRunderground specializes in Social Media Press Releases distributing your news through RSS Feeds, Social Bookmarks, News Aggregators and Social Networks. They sell three Sky Williams Youtube different packages from $ 19.95 to $ 199.95. Their Customer Service Department is excellent and the coverage of your news is very different from the other companies.
is free and have a paid option if you want to place links in the press release. The distribution is limited mostly to Google. is more a business community that acts like a business directory, where you can post products and services with full descriptions and images.
has three different packages starting at $ 49 to $ 149 per press release. They rank well in Google and they combine the Search Engine Optimization value of distributing news releases with Social Media.
Hopefully this gives you a better picture of what’s out there in terms of Press Release distribution. Go and promote your business making use of this important tool for your online marketing strategy.

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