The 7 Reasons Why a Firewalk Will Transform Your Business

When you decide to do a firewalk – walking on 800 degrees Fahrenheit hot coals – you have to make a decision to do it. There is no messing around. No thinking that you will try. Or worrying that it will burn you.
I experienced firewalking for the first time four years ago when I went to an Anthony Robbins’ seminar in London. Typically American in style, we were raised to a peak state before we went outside to walk on one of the lanes of burning hot coals. Chanting ‘cool moss’ as I walked over the coal bed, I experienced the amazement of doing something that felt impossible.
Then in May this year, I trained as a Firewalk Instructor and I’ve now done over 100 firewalks. I went on those 4 days to stretch myself,achieve things that I never thought I could do, and I’ve never looked back.
Why firewalk?
The activity of doing a firewalk was originally credited to Tolly Burkan in 1977. It is an empowerment activity. It enables you to face your fears, Sky Business News do something that you never thought you could do and I believe that when you’ve done a firewalk, there will be nothing you can’t do in your life.
My top 7 reasons to walk on hot coals!
1. It re-enforces your goals. To walk on hot coals, you need to take What Is Business Management Course that first step and walk forward to your ultimate destination.
2. It is a great anchor for the experience, so that when you need to be resourceful in the future, you can remind yourself of the powerful experience you had when you walked on hot coals.
3. It will change your life – once you’ve experienced such a huge achievement, I guarantee that it will make a huge difference to the way you face your future.
4. It will rapidly raise your energy, allowing you to tap into this energy and heightened awareness when you need it.
5. It will give you a night to remember, as not only are you walking on hot coals yourself, but you are sharing the experience with other people on a similar journey to you, creating lasting connections and shared experiences.
6. It will enable you to easily help others. Firewalking is a great metaphor you can use with your clients when they are facing their own fears and anxieties.
7. You can say that you’ve done it. It shows a true strength to do something that you may be fearful of, so it is a great part of your story. It will inspire others and let them know there is nothing stopping them.
To be safe and successful, you need to be ready to walk, be in a peak state and believe you can do it easily and effortlessly.

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