The 5 Best Ways to Get Your Small Business Found Online

1. Domain Name
Choosing the right domain name is probably the most important single thing you can do to get your site found online. Imagine if your company name was “ABC Dohickeys” and you owned the domain name “”. Do you think Google would point people searching for “ABC Dohickeys” to your domain? It’s obvious the role your small business domain name plays in getting your business found online.  
2. Page Title
The title of the page is usually the title of the article or main content on that page. It’s what Google shows on the search results too. So if you title your page “Untitled”, you probably won’t rank high. If you do something like “ABC Dohickeys, Official Website” you’ll be found more relevant. Be sure to use a different title on every page of your site which relates to the content on that specific page.  
3. Social Networking, Digg, delicious  
Submit your How To Cancel Wsj Subscription website to other online sites which will send you traffic. For example, if you are introducing a new product to the world which will revolutionize dohickeys, then submit it to the news site . Be careful, make sure it’s newsworthy and others would like to read about it. On the same note, join the bookmarking service, and bookmark your own content. Search engines will search your bookmarks and link people to your site.  
4. Video  
Video for advertising is getting more popular at an astounding rate. If you simply upload a 30 second clip of your products or services in the form of a Startup Financing Definition commercial, and put some good keywords and tags in it, you’ll generate some good traffic. This is the next big thing in search engine marketing.  
5. Content  
Throughout all my research, the only constant I found in ALL articles on search engine optimization is…. Content is King. Good, well written unique content will get you more traffic, get your visitors to stay on the site longer, and even click around more. Google sees this and realizes that what you’re offering must be important so they bump you up the line in their search results.  

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