Tapping the Right Social Media Marketing Company by Age

The idea of using social media marketing company websites as a staging platform for online advertising campaigns has long been established as successful and very lucrative. In general, one of the basis of determining the right networking site to establish an online business is based on common interest and number of subscribers.
However, in is also a good idea to consider the age group which dominantly converges in certain social websites. As the same age group subscribers have a lot of things in common in terms of mental maturity and generalized interests, using this as an assessment for your business sense is crucial to your career. Here are some statistical figures from a study conducted by Pingdom.
Out of the total population of the top 19 social media marketing companies, the mean age is around 37 years old, or those generally in the middle aged group. Let it be emphasized that this is the true to each of the surveyed websites as there are some which appeal to a more specific age group. However, this average age group ranks as the top in 11 of them.
This is also one of the very reasons why social media as a tool in general is an excellent choice to boost your online Business Management In Canada productivity and efficiency. There are billions of users subscribed in these websites, and they are all potential clients for businesses.
Online business may want to have their profile established first in one of the more popular social media marketing companies like LinkedIn. This specific website is centered more on business deals, information, and transaction then any other surveyed website. And with an average user age group of around 44, it is a wise move to be part of this growing community of online businessmen.
Many would definitely think of the most popular social networking group based on concurrent users, Facebook. It is undoubtedly the largest network with over 500 million users. As a general application of Top 10 Business Tricks sense, it is a wise move to delve into this network right away.
The trend is generally the same across the other surveyed websites such as Digg, MySpace, Twitter, Friendster, Xanga, and others, with a specific mention on two of these. Bebo caters to the younger age group of under 17 category while does the same for those above 50. Age specific businesses may want to highly consider these two if it applies to their business.
The age factor in social media marketing companies is a very potent factor in determining that target niche that is just right for your business to start with. Using this factor also highly increases your chances of getting the attention of the dominant subscriber age group due to their common interests.

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