Swash Zone Mathematical Modeling for Manufacture Etching Considered

Over the years, I’ve been a little dismissive of the whole alternative energy movement. You see, I understand energy from a physics standpoint, and I understand how much energy is packed into the fossil fuels we use, and there are relatively Seedrs Convertible Campaigns simple mathematical equations to prove all this. When people talk about the pollution, I understand the problem, and quite frankly I don’t like pollution either. After all, we all have to breathe the air and drink the water.
Nevertheless, if we are going to be truly honest with ourselves we have to also understand that most of these alternative energy schemes are not renewable, unreliable, have little if any return on investment, cost too much, and cause environmental and pollution problems of their own. Okay so, you’re probably Recent News On Technology going to want some examples here, because I hurt your alternative energy feelings and mindset. It’s not that I condemn you for joining this new wave religion, but rather a little intellectual integrity and honesty is needed – so, let’s talk about that math along with a few examples if we might.
Solar energy is 50% inefficient before you start because the Sun does not shine at night. Wind power kills birds and bats, produces ultrasound, and when the wind isn’t blowing, you don’t get much energy there. It also takes 15 years to offset the amount of CO2 created in the process of making the concrete foundations that these tall towers need to stay upright. If that wasn’t enough, did you know solar panels require an etching process in the manufacturing, and that the gases coming off of that etching compound are 18,000 times worse than CO2 for our environment, a worse greenhouse gas by a multiple of 18,000? In many cases it’s true, but not for all solar panels.
Did you also know that those flat-panel displays that you use at home or at the office use the same type of etching compound releasing the same types of gases? They are supposedly energy-efficient right? Well, I think I might have a solution for this etching problem. Specifically I believe we can improve the etching process during manufacturing using the mathematical modeling garnered from oceanographers that research the swash zone upon the beach. It turns out that the wave action in the swash zone is extremely good at transporting sediment and sand onto the beach, in an almost a perfect pattern.
Such wave action and computational modeling can improve the process with the etching compound. Then if these flat-panel displays and solar panels are put into a recycle chamber we won’t be putting out that gas into our atmosphere which is 18,000 times worse than CO2. It’s actually a solvable problem, and we need more solutions like this because if we are going to convert to solar and wind energy, or use a larger percentage in our nation’s energy policy, then we have to do it in an environmentally friendly way, otherwise we are kidding ourselves, lying to ourselves, and we lack integrity in our efforts.
This is where your understanding of mathematics comes in, and why we need you to study hard and use that knowledge to solve future problems. Please consider all this and think on it.

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