Storefronts and Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl Lettering can be seen on many vehicles. You would think that it could only be used on vehicles but it is a very flexible medium and can be attached to many types of materials. The main consideration is the smoothness of the substrate. If it is smooth like glass then it should work out. Many storefronts have a lot of glass and this makes them a prime candidate for graphics.
The beauty of Vinyl lettering is that ideas can be quickly and easily created on computer and then the file can be transferred to a special printer or cutter. This process is cheaper and faster than hand painting and in the hands of a talented artist new ideas can be quickly translated into a masterpiece.
Another advantage of Vinyl Lettering is that not only can the lettering or graphics be easily installed but they can also be easily removed. This means that you can create a main logo for the storefront and then have a space How To Run A Successful Small Business that you use for sales messages or specials. To remove vinyl from a window, just use a razor knife but be careful not to gouge the window. The vinyl comes in a huge array of colors and some of it can be printed on.
If you are thinking about installing any kind of drapes consider using vinyl lettering instead. It will perform a double function of reducing the amount of sun that gets into your store while at the same time giving your business some much needed low cost advertising.
To get some vinyl lettering do a search on line for companies specializing in it. Many of the firms will help out a little with the design free of charge, however it is important that you have a good idea about what you want.
If you already have a logo you are halfway there. The next step is to figure out what kind of lettering you want. One way to make this easier is to look around at other stores. Try not to have too much clutter and make sure that you don’t have too many typefaces. The lettering should be a reflection of the type of Starting Your Own Business With No Money that you are in.
For a serious business such as financial planning a straight forward serif (no surprises) might be the best. But for a party store that font would look too dull so some of the more exotic fonts would be better.

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