Starting Your Own Business – Take the Leap

The problem is that there are thousands of options out there for small business help, tips, advice, information… so if you only knew where to look right? In our experience we were lucky enough to have a strong network of support and a lot of late nights researching. Therefore we want to cover a few companies now that can get your own business up and running in no time!
Especially in today’s age of social networking and social media one of the most important things that you need to consider is your brand. Branding can make or break your company or for that matter without proper branding set your own business up for failure before it even gets off the ground. If you think about some of the large companies Facebook, Twitter, Pepsi, GoDaddy, you could look at their brand and know who it is, what it is and what they do. So definitely consider putting some time into your branding.
So here is my suggestion for your logo and your branding: logomyway. Here is the skinny on the company: You have all these great ideas for what you want to represent in your own business but it is difficult to put all this information into your new logo. First of all, most people don’t have sophisticated programs or software which is needed to make your new logo come to life. Secondly some people are very artistic and creative and some of us others are not so creative and artistic (which is where I fall into). Lastly as I mentioned earlier we are here to give tips and ideas for your new business so you are up and running quickly.
is an incredible website that will bring your ideas, your passion and your brand together to life for your new business. Basically, how it works: You fill out the information for you and your new company with all your business ideas what target market you have and any other pertinent information you want to provide. After all the new information for your new business is complete then you name a price for which you are willing to pay for your new logo. The amount that you choose will dictate the amount of participation from the logomyway community. The contest can get started! My experience is that a range from $200 to $400 you should get around 60 to 100 entries. The benefit to each participant is that they usually provide you with multiple ideas. This is where it gets exciting! For a couple hundred dollars you can see your ideas for your new business starting to come to life. You can set your deadline anywhere from 5 to 14 days, it is at your discretion. Another advantage is you can be in constant contact with your designer to start tweaking and making minor adjustments to fit exactly what your new business is looking for. Once the logo process is complete for your new business you will find yourself with a renewed sense of pride, excitement and the urgency to move forward with an incredible new logo for your new business.
The next topic I would like to discuss is your website. This task alone sounds stressful expensive and where do you actually start? My experience is a website called . Their system is very similar except a few differences. The way works is: You fill out your basic information, how many pages you need etc. The system is very easy to use and takes you maybe 15 min to complete. With you also put a deadline but you do not have to put a price. The “virtual workers” will begin bidding on your project and you can then read reviews from each participants and decide between price and reputation which worker best suits your needs. If you are a new company your new website should probably be anywhere from 4 to 8 pages. This process is also very exciting and you will start to see bids usually between $75 and $200 for a modern and very impressive new business website. They can set you up with Links, Shopping cards, images and anything else you may need. holds your money in escrow until the job is 100% completed to your complete satisfaction.
So now you have a fancy new logo, a killer website already and now you need to consider what domain name you choose as well as who will host your domain. In my experience I found GoDaddy to be priced very reasonably to choose your domain name for your new business. Try to merge your business name in your domain name as this will also help with branding and gives your clientele a website they can remember. Once your domain name is purchased you will need to find a host service where your can create the website and the different platforms and plugins that they will need. I have found HostGator to be a very inexpensive yet productive hosting solution. They have excellent customer service and are more than willing to assist when needed!
The last thing that should bring your new business together, is your virtual office through eVoiceA�. This system provided by eVoiceA� in which within 5 min you can have your own 0-800 number plus a local number with a professional answering service. When your clientele calls in it will sound like you have a complete office staff with multiple extensions. The beauty of the system is not only does the customer feel comfortable they immediately develop a trust with your company. It comes complete with hold music, company directory, and the best part you can send everything to your cell phone for ease of use. eVoiceA� now has several free trials for new business clientele, so find out what promotion through eVoiceA� can benefit you. There is no contract!
Now moving forward you should have the tools you need to start your own Things To Remember When Starting A Business. Of course, you will still need business cards, stationary, legal paperwork but these are also very inexpensive costs that you will incur. But you have a brand new very unique business logo, an amazing website and a full virtual office for much less than you can imagine.
So I wish you all the very best in your new business endeavors!
A ship in harbor is safe – but that is not what ships are for! from John A. Shedd. – Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down! from Bradbury.
So go ahead take the leap and see what’s on the other side – good luck!!!
To your best Best Business Ideas To Make Money success!

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