Stand Out From the Crowd, Use Your Custom Logo on Your Business Checks

Your custom logo appears on your front door, your sign, your business stationery, and all of your flyers and advertisements. Your website has been professionally designed to include your logo in the header and footer images and it’s automatically included at the end of all of your emails.
Your associates have your custom logo on their shirts, you hand out pens and magnets with your logo, and you give all of your best clients a complete set of coffee mugs – engraved with your logo – for Christmas every year. Why then are you not including your custom logo on your Mortgage News checks?
Most companies go to great pains – and a lot of expense – to have a custom logo created that communicates as much information as possible to their new and existing clients. It’s going to be the first thing that most new clients see when they come to your office. And everything about that logo – the size, the color, the image and text – all combine to convey your company’s business philosophy.
But the one place that most businesses forget to include their custom logo is on their business checks and this is one time when that logo could really help you out.
Think about how many people actually see that check after you write it. Maybe you hand it off to a sales rep who visits Top 10 Business Websites your shop every week. Or maybe you mail it directly to his office. Either way, the check doesn’t stop there.
Next it goes to the receptionist or secretary so she can send it to the right department. It then passes to the accounts receivable department and someone there logs it into the record. It’s then passed to the person who actually handles the bank deposits every day and then on to the bank teller. After the teller deposits that check, it’s sent on to various accounting departments within the bank where even more people view your check before it’s finally filed away somewhere.
All in all, it’s possible that more than a dozen people will actually have your check in their hands. And they’re probably handling checks from dozens of other clients, too. And each of those people will be more apt to remember your company the next time they need a new pair of shoes or a new lawn mower or some legal advice or a new car, etc., if you include your custom logo on your business checks.

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