Solid Samsung B7330 Omnia

Everyone these days want to have a Smartphone which looks sleek and stylish but is solid from within. This is exactly how we would describe Samsung B7330 Omnia which has perfect dimensions of 1.08cm by 5.9cm by 11.49cm that gives it the sleek look which the consumers are looking for and at the same time Samsung B7330 Omnia weighs 107 grams which is sturdy and solid for its dimensions.
Features of Samsung B7330 Omnia:
Made up of 6.5 version of Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system, the handset has a lot to offer its users.
The mobile phone covers GSM network with quad band so that in order to provide the user with excellent network coverage, it keeps shifting bands within self.
With 256 MB RAM and additional 270 MB internal memory, one has a lot of storage space that makes it even an excellent business phone. Additionally, 32 gigabytes of memory can be added with MicorSD card slot.
The TFT type screen of the handset looks really smart with the QWERTY keyboard that offers a user friendly usage. The screen is 2.6 inches wide and 65000 colours display is what it provides to its users. LAN wireless connectivity to internet through WiFi technology is another outstanding feature that the handset offers. Speed of internet connection is really high owing to technologies like 3G HSDPA and HSUPA.
Data transfer speed depends upon EDGE technology and because of the presence of the same; it is quite high in What Is A Small Company the mobile phone. This data transfer is possible with mini USB port connection and the Bluetooth connection.
Navigation is also simple with the aid of handset which is integrated Nbc News Sports with A GPS tool that makes finding directions really good fun.
The camera integrated in Samsung B7330 Omnia enables the user perform hi-fi functions as geo tagging, video calling and conferencing.
Other entertainment feature on Samsung B7330 Omnia includes a highly capable music player and FM radio with the aid of RDS.

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