Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Media Marketing – How To Market Your Small Business Online
Big businesses have certain advantages over small businesses in that they have a lot of resources at their disposal. They can afford their own marketing departments and often have massive advertising budgets.
Just because big businesses have more money does not mean that they will be more successful at online marketing than you. Many of these companies overlook the benefits of Facebook marketing and Twitter. You can use social media marketing to even the playing field with the big businesses in your industry.
Use social media marketing to build the reputation of your small Business Plan Slideshare
You may already be using Facebook Marketing and Twitter marketing to help market your business but there are other useful sites out there that you have probably overlooked.
Sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora are where millions of online users go to find solutions to their questions. Just search for your particular market or area of interest and start answering questions. You can create a reputation for yourself as an expert in a field in a really short amount of time.
Besides, signing up for these social media site will prevent other people using your brand name. It’s important to promote and protect your brand name. Just like a trademark. If someone has taken your brand name online, it’s very difficult capture it.
Use social media marketing to let the world know of your presence
This is where Facebook marketing comes into play. Facebook has so many different ways that you can promote your new business venture. Most of these ways are free and won’t cost you a single cent.
Use the following Facebook tools to get your business off to a good start
A� Open a Facebook Business Account
A� Start a Facebook Fan Page
A� Create a Facebook Group Page
A� Launch a Facebook Event
A� Purchase a Facebook Ad
Combining blog marketing by starting a Small Business Administration Disaster Loans blog on your company website’s page.
You can supply your Facebook Fan page with plenty of posts by starting a blog for your business. A business blog is an essential form of social media marketing.
Facebook marketing and blogging can help you really connect with your site’s visitors. Your blog is the place where you can show the more personal side of your business instead of just being seen as another cold company. Post pictures, videos, podcasts and other forms of media files that you would like people to see. You will get the added bonus of bringing extra traffic to your company’s site by choosing a site with a /blog extension after the domain name.
Become an active participant on blogs in your niche
Visiting other blogs is a great way to get your small business recognized in a hurry. For example, let’s say you have a business that provides billing assistance to small businesses. It would be a good idea to adopt a social media marketing strategy via blog commenting.
You could participate in conversations on entrepreneurship and personal finance blogs that would likely be visited by small business owners. This is a quick way of getting online name recognition. People would be a lot more likely to give your site’s services a try once they feel like they know you.

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