Small Towns of Belgium – The Epitomes of National Culture

In virtue of its long history of conquests, monarch shifts and constant transforming of neighboring European countries, Belgian people cultivated and endeavored to preserve its cultural, religious and ethnic customs, which made them a strong national entity nowadays despite the unity of discrepant Flanders on the north and Walloon on the south. The most powerful centers of long-standing traditions are likely to be met in small towns situated all over the country. Besides conservation of architectural masterpieces in face of medieval and gothic castles and cathedrals, Belgian settlements can be called also the focuses of folk art, in particular, ancient crafts (lace, carpet weaving, handicraft production paintings, copper utensils, and tanning arms) and national holidays of local folklore.
In this context, it is important to introduce several towns of Belgium, which during the entire history of the country successfully maintained their position of local cultural centers.
Midway between Brussels and Antwerpen the town of Mechelen is located, the main center of carillon music, or in other words, the bell ringing. Particularly, the carillon of St. Rumbold’s Cathedral is one of the best and most famous in Europe. Carillon Bells, a total of 49 pieces, were cast at different times, starting from the 16th century to the mid-20th. The largest bell, known as El Salvador, has a weight of almost 9 tons and there is one more at least of the same weight. The total number of bells is 98 units, and the total weight is almost 80 tons. This town can also offer you a visit to the Toy Museum, where you may find Barbies’, Lego’s and other collection, and a privately run Clocks and Watches Museum with 1000 timepieces lovingly collected over the years.
Turnehout is, practically, the oldest town (province) in Belgium as it was referenced to by Roman authors in fifth century. Taking into consideration its long storytelling, there are many places to visit in this city, among which Renaissance building made by the English King Henry VIII. In Middle Ages Torenhout Business Manager Jobs Near Me was well-known gobelin tapestry center in Europe, which is a distinctive feature of local art craft. Among interesting places to attend one should pay attention to the Playing Card Museum, which exhibits specific documents dating from 1100 B.C. and original playing cards (dating from 16th century).
A site of multiple hostilities, Namur (the capital of Wallon), is mostly represented by huge fortress, which updated and expanded over the centuries. Among tourist attractions it is impossible not to visit the F?�licien Rops museum, which gives a possibility to observe all stages of artist’s life while watching his paintings, etchings and drawings. House of Butchers, one of the oldest and most impressive buildings in Namur founded in 1588-1590 Successful Business Examples years, nowadays appears to be a host building of Archaeological Museum of Walloon. Its exhibition includes an impressive amount of valuable artifacts found in the area from the Roman period and the reign of the Merovingians (the first dynasty of Frankish kings, who ruled in what is now France and Belgium) to the Middle Ages. The museum displays vases, ceramics, floor mosaics, and religious objects found in tombs and houses of the Roman era.
Pekkerstad, Borstelstad or Schoenenstad – these are the nicknames obtained by picturesque town in West Flandria, Izegem. It is one of those national settlements, whose craft heart-warming tradition became a distinctive feature; in particular, it is related to the brush-making and shoe-making manufacture, the development of which is shown in National Shoe Museum. Being a spot of tourist destination, this establishment demonstrates a detailed way how shoes are made by hand, a history of shoes from the mean of foot protection up to a symbol of prestige and shoe collections of other countries.
Speaking of thematic museums it is impossible not to mention that a lot of Belgian towns and cities can boast of having such at their disposal. Travelers might pay a visit to Bee-Museum in Esneux (Liege province), Strawberry Museum in Wepion (a strawberry beer under the brand name La W?�pionnaise is also made here), Chocolate Museum in Bruges, Bird Museum in Brussels and Cycling Museum in Roeselare.

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