Sex After Sixty

Now for those of us that are over sixty this is good news. As I hope you have already discovered, sex will not cease, it may be slower but it will not cease. It just takes longer for you to warm up, does it not? But this can be a good thing; it now can last for hours.
One of the best things about sex later in life is there is no longer a sense of urgency for either sexes. Take your time warming up and make the experience enjoyable for both of you. Make your preparation a day long event. So you would like some tips or shall I say ideas?
Explore and celebrate both of your bodies. Do it with passion, do it lightly, do it wet, just do whatever you both agree to and lots and lots of kissing. Massages with warming oil and lighted candles are a nice touch.
Make sure nothing is passed over when it comes to touching. Wear leather, wear lace, and wear lingerie under your clothing (to be discovered later) and some jewelry, just play like you never have played before. Lubricants should be a must, there are even some that are edible, you both will love them, surprise each other.
Prepare the event ahead of time, by now you should have learned the biggest sex organ in your body or your partner’s are your brains. Leave notes, wear sexy underwear, and create mental fantasies. Go to the gym, take a walk together, stay in shape, and go get some sex toys, yes go get those toys -they usually can be purchased locally.
Talk to each other about your likes and dislikes, now there is a unique thought, I bet you did not do Bbc News Instagram Mental Health that when you were young. The more you tune in to each other the higher the level of satisfaction.
And for goodness sake play during the day or early eve, midnight sessions with leave you tired and disappointed. I can not emphasize enough Accounting And Finance Research Topics to use toys and treasure them, they are great whether you are young or old but after sixty there is much more freedom and real exploration.
I could go on and on but by now you should know that the only limits are set by you not a number (60). Lastly, enjoy yourself and please do not be a stiff shirt – relax and laugh freely. Oops, play softly, not rough – respect one another. As always you must live well to play well, good luck.

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