Seeing Your Business As An Event

One of the best ways to attract customers and clients to your business is by turning what you do into a constant stream of events. Some businesses do this very well. They hold new product launches and news events all through the calendar year. They create a curious public over what will be the next new thing, or the next update or even who’s the latest celebrity using their products or services.
There’s also an air of prestige about holding events with your business on this basis. You are often viewed as the market leader or a market challenger due to presenting your ideas as a kind of fashion statement to the world.
The best thing is – you don’t have to discount your products to get a result. Worldwide companies such as McDonald’s and Apple seem to do this very well. They give us the latest version or edition of their product. They make us wait for hours if necessary to get a special edition or they take an old tired product we used to see everyday and remake it into a craved icon. We are then happy to stand in a queue to buy it! We might even bitch and moan about the product, but we still paradoxically, hold the creators in high esteem regardless.
What can we learn Private Equity News from this?
Lets face it a lot of businesses are dull and lifeless. They can’t attract staff because nothing ever inspires them to join up. Most business owners see themselves more like employees rather than missionaries of a ground breaking firm. They plod along treating each day the same as the one before, and not much makes an impact. They struggle to “find customers” rather than use a couple of security guards to hold back the doors when they release a new product or service. You know your business can change… Every time you are about to release a new product – hold it back. Give out announcements and let them know w day when it will be “released” to the public.
Return to the mission behind the mission statement of your business. Be different, be noticeable and be controversial if you have to be but by all means you must stand out.
Create a culture within your business. Something that aligns everyone with what your business stands for and your views of there world. In the early days of The Body Shop this was very prevalent. They wanted to change the worlds view about women and they created a staff and marketing culture based on that aim.
Ray Kroc did the same thing with McDonald’s as he built a string of eateries that were doing the opposite of him in the 1950’s he fought against the tardiness of traditional mum and pop takeaways with their lack of standards.
Steve Jobs from Apple, created a culture of computers that were artistic looking and not the wire laden boxes of the IBM type PCs that were as common at the time.
Start Now
You can do even the simplest of things such as run a cocktail party when making an announcement. Or invite a celebrity or local identity the next time you do a big in-store promo. Be willing to stand for something. Dig deep and get back to the roots of why you wanted to go into business. Give talks and interviews and create a distinction between everyone else in your field and what you do. Aim to simplify this down to a slogan so customers and prospects will easily remember you.
Tie everything you do around the calendar. Make all of your marketing based on seasonal and yearly updates or newer editions of your work. Detach yourself from selling on price Even if you scare off a few people by a higher price, make sure you don’t sell junk. Better being known for a high price and excellent quality then being remembered as someone who sold a cheap product that was falling apart and tacky.
The Calendar Year
Rather than turn up each day at your business doing what you’ve always done – start to think longer term.
Take out a calendar and map out key dates and times of the year:
• Special dates such as holidays
• Dates for when you expect to release a new product
• Dates when you expect a new arrival of a product from a supplier
• Special events such as seminars or cocktail parties to inform and educate your customer base
Try to think of all the things you can integrate into your marketing from a perspective of creating curiosity, intrigue and expectation.
Finally – Endorsements Business Management Job Description
When you do have a calendar like this, it far easier to get on board celebrities or experts who will be willing to give your business a stamp of approval. Their endorsements often go to the best organized businesses not just the ones who can pay them, as their name is at stake too in the transaction.
By running events and treating your business as an event will mean you’ll be able to better schedule your budgeting and you’ll gain better sales figures as your customers will sit up and take notice of your business – rather than treating you like an “also ran” business. You will be well positioned in the mind of your customers and prospects to be seen as unique and special.

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