Samsung S8000 Jet – The Sleek Touch Screen

The Samsung S8000 Jet is a very beautiful and sleek mobile phone. The excellent 3G phone offers you an extremely wide range of features and various great quality aspects that can be enjoyed every day.
Some of the amazing features of the mobile phone are:
The front section of the Samsung S8000 Jet has a wonderful 3.1 Inch sized touch screen that allows the owner to input Entrepreneurs Meaning various features like create messages, menu selection and surfing the Web by using the touch screen controls.
The Samsung S8000 Jet has a cube like designed type of navigation key that is situated just beneath the wonderful touch screen with call keys that allows the owner to quickly and easily accept as well as make calls.
The gorgeous mobile phone is available with 2 gigabytes, 8 gigabytes as well as 16 gigabytes of internal memory. The handset also supports a card slot of memory card that can hold up sixteen gigabytes external memory of MicroSD type.
The wonderful phone comes with a phone book function that allows the owner to store as well as access their contacts’ details very quickly. The handset also has an in-built organizer features that allows the user storage of information assisting in day to day life.
The cell phone comprises of a Wi-Fi or WLAN technology that allows the owner to connect to Internet by a nearby hotspot as well as via wireless LAN that can be positioned in the office or at home, for a connection that is wireless with the Internet.
The handset comes with Bluetooth technology and also has USB connection port which ensures the user a connection of their handset to some Raffles Digital Media Design other device by using either a connection that depends on the device connectivity options which are available or the need of the user.
The phone has an integrated five megapixel digital camera feature that has an automatic focus that will ensure well focused as well as a clear image is captured. A wide range of viewfinder that allows the owner to capture big wide shots. A GPS navigation feature is also present that allows the owner to enjoy doing geo tagging to their pictures.

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