S2C2 Same Sex Marriage Concept

It appears that perhaps the time has come politically in the US to allow same-sex marriage. Still, it bothers many people who are heterosexuals, or of various religions to contemplate same-sex marriage while putting it in the same category as heterosexual marriages. In fact, it appears to me that if same-sex marriages were merely called something else, there wouldn’t be quite the uproar amongst the Christians in the US. Okay so, let’s talk about this controversial subject for a moment shall we?
Could we call it something else such as; S2C2 = Same-Sex Contact-Contract. Those wishing to get a same-sex marriage would have their own term, and it wouldn’t offend anyone that was heterosexual, because they wouldn’t be using the same name, but the same-sex couples would have the same rights under the law. And really, the other day I was discussing this with someone who did want to get married to their same-sex, live in life-partner. All they really wanted was to have the same rights as everyone else, and if it were called something else, they would be okay with that, at least as an interim step for the next couple of decades.
Too much change too quickly is not a good thing, but apparently the Obama Administration has done political surveys showing that most Americans wouldn’t fight same-sex marriages if they were made legal nationwide. In the future, there may be other types of marriages, such as a human getting married to an artificially intelligent robotic android, perhaps in the image, shape, and with the mind of their former spouse. This is something we’re going to have to think about in the future. Would we actually call it a marriage? Or would we have to label it something else such as; SRE = Sexual Robotic Engagement.
Interestingly enough, I live out in California, and there are many same-sex partners, and it is not as uncommon as it has been in the past. These folks demand the rights that are afforded to other people, and it has caused quite a stir amongst Christian couples. In fact, just the other day someone What To Offer Investors Small Business told me they were getting married, and I congratulated them, and then they added; “to a woman.” Since my friend was a male, I assumed that was the case, but in the future if the word “marriage” is used for a heterosexual or a homosexual couple, then there is no way to tell the difference.
Does it matter? It seems to matter very much to Christian couples, and the same-sex couples are mostly concerned with their rights as citizens to be legally wedded. Indeed, I hope you will please consider Starting A Business Financial Advice all this, the philosophical implications, and how our society might cut out a little animosity to get everyone on the same page – without all the infighting, politics, and media wars. Think on it.

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