Renting a Pick-Up Truck, Better Check the Fine Print

Perhaps you have a work pickup truck and your work truck has been in an accident, or you need an additional unit to do a special job. You may not realize this, but if you tell the car rental agency that you need a pickup truck, but you are only going to use it for personal use, and then you use it in a Business Start Up Ideas 2020, that if anything happens you are on the hook for all of it. In other words the car rental agency’s insurance will not pay off because you are using it for business use rather than personal use, and it may not be covered under your business policy for your work vehicles.
That’s the first thing you need to check, and you should know the answer to all these questions, and make sure you are truthful and honest with the rent-a-car company. Next, the last thing you ever want to do is to return a pickup truck to a car rental agency or even a work vehicle rental company dirty Entrepreneur Quotes or damaged. If you think you’re going to get away with it, you are sadly mistaken. If the vehicle is dirty and there happens to be scratches underneath the dirt you will be blamed for them, often even if you didn’t put them there. If they find one new one, you’ll probably be blamed for all of them.
Those who inspect these vehicles when you bring them back will see the scratches, and assume you are trying to hide something. They will look at the vehicle extra carefully if it is dirty is what I’m saying to you, and they might find something that was there before, and attribute it to your usage. Before retirement, I ran a franchising company and I can remember a story of one of our franchisees, he had rented a pickup truck, told the rental agency he was going to use it for personal use, and used it in his business.
He then added a bolt on tow hitch temporarily on to the truck rental. He had to drill two holes of the frame. No big deal right, I mean his modification made it better? Unfortunately, when his workers took the truck back they forgot to remove the trailer hitch. The rental car agency noticed, took it off because it was against policy, because they were not supposed to rent pickup trucks as tow vehicles – when they took it off they noticed the extra holes drilled, and got an estimate for a new truck frame, they billed this to his credit card.
They then charged him a different rate because they backdated the insurance policy to cover the rental for a work truck, even though it was against their company’s policy to rent work trucks. They sent that bill to him as well. He tried to claim he wasn’t going to pay for it, and there was no damage to the vehicle. They told him they didn’t know that because he was towing a trailer that was over the weight limit for that particular pickup truck and therefore there might be damage to the rear end, wheel bearings, and they knew there was already damaged on the frame because of the extra holes in it.
That’s what you get for not paying attention, lying on car rental forms, and trying to be a cheapskate getting away with something. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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