Plush Toys – Adding Functionality

Most plush toy critics would tell you that these toys are on the way out because they don’t really do anything. They like to compare a stuffed toy with the PlayStation 3. Although it’s a little bit unfair to the stuffed dolls because they don’t really compete directly with the more advanced toys. They have their own selling point and it’s not the ability to play music, movies and games.
But still, that doesn’t stop plush toy inventors from trying to add functionality to their inventions. Why Types Of Funding For Startups do they even bother? Here are the two reasons why inventors try to add functionality to their plush toys:
1. They want to widen their market
These toys have their own target market. Usually, it’s not the “techie” kids. Those are kids who are into the latest gadgets and games. Some toy inventors want to expand their horizons as far as target market is concerned. That’s why they try to add a little bit of functionality to cater to an additional market.
2. They want to get ahead Global Financial Markets of their competition
The plush industry is very profitable that’s why there are a lot of “players” in the market. Some toy inventors would add a functionality to their stuffed toys that is not found in other ones. This makes their toy different and oftentimes pushes them ahead of their competition.
Now that you’re aware of the advantages of adding functionality, what can you do? There are a lot of functions that you can add to your toy. These functions include adding the option of being able to play and even record sounds. This would mean that your plush doll would have to work with another object – the device that plays or records sounds. If you’re not careful, this device could cause more harm than good. The quality of the device should be reliable because it can reflect negatively upon your plush toy. So just like with any manufacturer, choose wisely.
You can also make your toys in such a way that it complements something else. A good example is attaching your plush toy to a baby stroller. Imagine yourself walking with your baby in the stroller with the plush toy. For some reason, babies love throwing things around – including toys. It’s not that they don’t like the toy; because if you think about it they’ll cry the moment they throw it to the ground. So you’re left with no choice but to pick it up over and over again. So adding a functionality that lets it attach to the stroller is an advantage.
But there are drawbacks if you design your plush toys to complement a device or another product. Let’s say you designed it to fit a certain product like the stroller. What if the stroller’s manufacturer suddenly changed its design? It can make your toy’s functionality obsolete. The device that you put inside the plush toy can go obsolete and that can go against you as well. The best thing that you can do to protect yourself is to make sure that you partner with a company or a product that has been around for years.
But down the line, your plush toys will still be the main feature. So instead of focusing all your efforts on added functionality, first make sure that your stuffed toys are made by a reliable manufacturer.

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