Nutraceutical Sciences – What Are They?

Understanding the technical jargon that is used by some industries can often be quite difficult for a lay person however this doesn’t mean that intrinsically they are hard to understand. The food supplement industry Small Business Tips And Advice alongside other forms of similar products are collectively known in industry as the nutraceutical sciences, the etymology of which stems from two base words in the English language; nutrient and pharmaceutical.
Nutraceutical sciences are primarily concerned with what is often billed as a ‘grey’ area in international regulatory circles. This area of industry creates food supplements and anything that is taken as food to contribute to a person’s diet, but which has been scientifically prepared to provide specific benefits based on laboratory research.
For example, cod liver oil has known benefits for persons who are lacking in Vitamin A and Vitamin D, whilst providing excellent levels of omega -3 fatty acids. Whilst these are all compounds that can be found in everyday foods, they are included in one product (cod Small Business Administration Certification liver oil) that is either concentrated and packaged in easily digestible form by nutraceutical manufacturers. This means that the person taking the product will achieve a high concentration dose of the essential compounds that could help them with their condition.
Other examples of products that are made by the nutraceutical sciences can include body-building supplements, bath and personal care, sexual health and sports nutrition. There are also many other categories of products and for most people, daily contact and even use of products manufactured by the nutraceutical sciences industry is normal in the modern Western world.
The West’s obsession with the products that the nutraceutical sciences produce goes someway to understanding their success however, their use in the West is dependent on other forces such as marketing and public awareness of ailments, illnesses and the reasons behind them. This is never truer than today when scientific knowledge helps guide the industry into helping keep people healthier and living longer.

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