Nokia X3 Red – Generation’s Demand

Time is changing and so are our requirements. Be it any field the user demands for more and the service provider provide him with more. The same holds true in the mobile Financial Times industry as well. Nokia X3 Red is one such phone introduced by one of the best mobile manufacturer companies to fulfill the present day requirement of the users.
Nokia X3 Red is not only feature rich phone but also a very classy looking sophisticated phone that comes with all possible qualities that today’s’ generation is looking forward to in a phone. Here are its features at a glance:
The slider phone weighs 103 grams and comes with dimensions 9.6cm by 4.93cm by 1.41cm which altogether makes it a very compact phone.
The 2.2 inches wide display screen offers high screen resolution and 262K colours. The QVGA screen provides really rich colours.
The data features of the phone include EDGE technology along with GPRS in order to provide fast rate of data transfer in the phone. The Bluetooth feature is capable of connecting to other devices wirelessly and additionally there is USB port in the phone for connecting to rest of the wired devices. The Web browser is also quite efficient and offers good internet experience to the users.
Nokia X3 Red possesses a possibility of using the microSD memory card slot of 2Gigabytes which comes with the handset. Also, 16GB memory card can be additionally taken in order to expand the memory furthermore.
The mobile phone works upon GSM quad band network and thus Uk Economy News Today enables the user to enjoy complete network coverage.
The mobile phone comes with amazing music player integrated with RDS supported FM radio. Thus, listening to music is possible from anywhere in the world now. The music player of Nokia X3 Red has the option of loudspeaker and volume controls for the ease of the user. The music listening experience can stretch to as much as 24 hours with a fully charged battery.
Music player on Nokia X3 Red is just outstanding. It comes with loudspeaker option and the RDS supported FM radio enables the user to listen to all possible music channels. The battery when fully charged enables the user to listen to music for complete twenty four hours which is just awesome.
Nokia X3 Red has a 3.2 megapixel camera in built which makes the user to click some of the most beautiful pictures.

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