NFL Power Rankings Week 5

Expectations were low for the Rams coming into the season, and why shouldn’t they be. Coming off a one win Top 10 Business Tricks season and starting a rookie quarterback, experts didn’t think the Rams would win two games all season.
They’ve won two games in their first four contests and it’s due in large part to the maturity of the rookie quarterback Sam Bradford. In his first game as a pro, Bradford dropped back to attempt 55 passes! Talk about easing the rookie into the system. Bradford has been entrusted with the keys to the offense, and the results have been tremendous.
Despite a shortage of receivers (including the season ending injury to Donnie Avery), Bradford has throw for 944 yards and six touchdowns through four games. The competition hasn’t been terrific thus far (Arizona, Oakland, Washington and Seattle), but I’ve got to give props to Steve Spagnuolo and the rest of the coaching staff for the improvement in this Rams team.
If you were to pick a team that will not disappoint this week you might very well pick the New York Jets, whose only loss to the Ravens seems like ages ago.
Since then, the team led by Rex Ryan managed to score victories against the Miami Dolphins, the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills.
Their latest victory against the Bills this Businesses week, 38-14 was a real show of power.
However, the Saints and the Ravens aren’t looking bad either and as we can’t see a definite leader in the NFL yet there are other teams who might start showing some results.
One of them is the New England Patriots who played an amazing game based on defense against the Dolphins and still managed to win 41-14, thanks to players who shined, like Patrick Chung.

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