New Business Ventures – Opportunity Analysis and Assessing Risks!

Automobile industry is one of the major sector in a country’s economy that has great growth potential and bright future prospects. The automobile production, particularly in Asia, has shown improvement even in tough economic conditions and have registered an increase in the sales ratio by 3-4%, while the others in the west have suffered due to recession in recent times. Some were even battered down to the point of extinction and few opted for mergers. If you look at Asian countries, particularly, India, offers a wide scope and proves to be the ideal place for expanding your automobile Business Hsbc.

Considering these facts, all the big players in the automobile industry world over, are foraying into the Indian market. India provides the ideal infrastructure, be it the right location, cheap labor, liberal industrial policy being adopted by the government to encourage foreign payers to bring in more and more foreign exchange or the tie-ups with Indian companies that proves a win-win situation for both ends.

Our great chairman Mr. C, founder of Everwin Corporation has already made his mark as a leader in “car making”, but his quest for market dominance doesn’t seem to end at the domestic level. He has greater plans to enter foreign markets, especially Indian market, as his intuitive judgment tells him that there is great potential in India for expansion. Entry into a new domain needs lot of thinking and research in terms of government regulations, environmental guidelines, ownership issues, product appeal, financial feasibility of your project, production costs, supply chain management, overcoming competition etc. ,

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As is the procedure, a corporate meeting was convened at the head office, to evaluate the pros and cons of the new venture, and all the top executives were bubbling with enthusiasm, since there was some new idea evolving from the chairman’s desk perpetually. Innovative thinking was a brand identity of the chairman, that inspired and motivated his employees time and again. Mr. C, was full of business vigour and was aggressive to the point that he wanted things to be done straightaway, without any hesitation or delay. And he wanted his employees to contribute to the success of new business ideas that were in the pipeline. No wonder the business enterprise thrived and prospered owing to the employee satisfaction and sense of participation, that made them morally bound.

Mister Dumpy, the CEO, for a change was excited about the whole idea, as he knew that a new business venture in India meant that he would be included in the visit to customize the formalities. He loved travelling to foreign lands, as it eased his work pressure (if any!) and his taste buds become very active, in the anticipation of relishing new cuisines. As was common, Titan, the top executive, with an eye for excellence, consolidated and presented these undermentioned facts, that would be essential to maneuver the business plan:

First step would be to form a firm tie-up with a moderately successful automobile company, the very idea would be to restructure and rebuild the company financially and otherwise, under the brand name of Everwin Corporation.

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To target the two-wheeler owners, as the per capita income of every Indian is on the rising trend.

Rural population, the highest in India, to be focused for Most Successful Online Businesses 2017 the manufacture of farm equipments apart from cars.

Bug cars cater well to the Indian middle class and luxury sedans to the financially roaring industrialists.

Catchy advertisements in all the regional languages would be the enrty ticket into the highly competitive market. True Value added services will make us distinct and lead the road to customer satisfaction.

Creating niche markets with attractive promos and reliable insurance schemes.

Availability of skilled labor is an added plus

Association with strong financial institutions to provide retail finance to the customers with low interest rates, can boost our sales.

Our slogan would be “Your passion is here”.

The chairman was greatly pleased, that the top brass of his company had the power to give shape to his dreams. It was quickly decided that a group of selected executives under the able guidance of the CEO, should visit India to wrap up the business and that the chairman would make his presence at the final stage, before the start of the operations. A corporate office to be set up in the host country, and recruitment and selection to be done by Titan and his executives.

All is well that ends well, Everwin Corporation has introduced a high-end model named, “Caramel”, an instant hit, an electric car named, “Electrica”, and a buggy named “Dumpy”, that has crossed the highest ever sales record in the history of automobile business.

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