Network Marketing – The Ugly Truth of Your Downline

One of the greatest feelings in the world for a network marketing distributor is signing up another rep for their downline. It does not matter whether you are new or a seasoned veteran of the industry, it is always refreshing Be Your Own Financial Advisor and exciting to sponsor another person. The only difference between the rookie and the veteran is that one has all of these expectations while the other knows exactly what is going to happen to their downline.
In network marketing the battle is never finished once a new person joins your team. In fact, that is where the work actually begins. Your goal is to not only 2030 Business Trends continually sponsor new people, but also teach your new team members to do exactly the same as you are doing now. But this is where the frustration begins.
The ugly truth is that a majority of your downline will never do anything. These people will at best be users of the product while many will eventually drop out and do nothing at all. Sadly to say this is the cold hard truth. The theory of just needing to get 2 who get 2 who get 2 and so one is ludicrous! You know that really does not work.
You will need to constantly be recruiting more and more people. Network marketing is purely a numbers game. The more people you enroll and place into your downline the higher the chances become of finding someone who is just like you and is ready and willing to build their business and do what it takes. Success requires you to take consistent and daily action if you want to build a large downline.
It will feel like a great reward when that new team member joins you, but you must not get disheartened when that person fails to return your calls and never really gets started. Some people will never get started in their enterprise. You many never know their true reason as it may be a fear of failure or even lack of commitment. Because you are your own boss in network marketing, you will ultimately control your own success or failure. Most people are used to a boss telling them what to do. This is not the case in this industry.
Your new team members in your downline are not responsible to you. They are only responsible to themselves and if they cannot be motivated there is nothing you can do to help in the situation. The only solution is to continue recruiting and wait for the right people to step and say that they are ready to build alongside of you.

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