More Sales Equals More Income!

Network marketing is about selling products, the more you sell the more money you make. It’s the same in this industry as it is in any other retail Youtube Channel 4. For those of you who think “pyramid scheme” every time you hear the words multilevel marketing or network marketing, that pretty much blows that crazy idea out of the window. Products do not sell themselves!
If you work in a shop, and earn a commission on sales and in the best week you’ve ever had you sold $5000 worth of products, that’s probably about the best you’ll ever be able to do. In network marketing it’s different because you recruit other team members to sell the same product. The girl in the shop worked for 40 hours to sell that amount of products, whereas the network marketer can leverage other people’s time. If the marketer works 40 hours a week but recruits a hundred other people from whose sales she also earns a commission, you can see the enormous opportunity in this business.
Network marketing is not about selling a few products to your friends and family and expecting to get rich. The whole key to being successful in this business is by recruiting as many effective people into your downline as possible.
If you’re enthusiastic about your company’s product then it should be easy for you to recruit others, everyone these days needs extra income. You earn residual commissions/income from your downline’s sales – you receive a commission on their initial startup package, so even if they don’t turn out to be an effective team member you are still compensated (a little) for your efforts. Don’t forget about them though, they are still customers.
To be deemed as an active distributor in most network marketing companies you must maintain a monthly auto-ship amount; this can be as small as $100 worth of products. Each distributor you sponsor will also have to maintain that auto-shipment amount. Very often new distributors will be tempted to take the cheapest package the company offers but it benefits you to encourage the new distributor to take a larger package, then she will have more to offer as free samples and giveaways while she’s establishing her business. A larger package will also earn you a bigger commission as a sponsor and you certainly don’t want her to run out of products half way through the month.
Product Users
On many occasions people express an interest in network marketing but in fact all they want is the product at wholesale prices. That doesn’t mean their circumstances won’t change so always keep the option open for them. You will still be making a commission on what you sell to them or on their entire monthly auto-ship if they use it all themselves.
If you have confidence in your company’s products and take the time to listen to other people’s problems, free samples are a great way of introducing people to the product line. If for example you are promoting a line of lotions and someone complains of having a skin problem for which they can’t find a remedy, they will appreciate it if you give them a sample of one of your products to try. If it works for them you know they’ll talk about it to their friends.
The best approach in network marketing is trying to help people with their problems. Your solution for them may come in the form of a product or a financial opportunity.
Network marketing these days isn’t about cold calling, banging on stranger’s doors or bothering your friends and family. It’s about getting out into the community, whether that’s online or offline and telling people about the advantages of your product and/or opportunity.
It’s not nearly as arduous as it used to be either because companies will ship products directly to the consumer. Back in the day it would have been down to you to order product Small Business Pay Scales and deal with payments, paperwork and delivery. Now your customers can simply log into a website, order what they want and you automatically get paid your commission.
Whether you sell individual products yourself or recruit others to do it for you there are many ways to increase sales and in network marketing you’re the key to your own success. The more you spread the word, recruit and network, the better your business will be.
Your upline should be able to provide you with many ideas for increasing business and the company probably holds training sessions that will help you as well. Take every opportunity you can to learn more about your business and especially techniques for increasing sales. Be confident in yourself and your product and you will succeed.

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